NBA 2K22 Season 8: Week 2


Head over to A6K to grab latest NBA 2K22 MT deals, and take the advantage now! NBA 2K22 Season 8 is back with another Limited weekend, and this time you’ll be able to use some of the best cards in your roster. Buy 2K MT from legit seller A6K, you will enjoy best service and fast delivery.

We’ll reveal the rules and requirements, as well as the rewards available. As we continue through Season 8, the NBA 2K22 Limited Weekend will give players the chance to claim another championship ring. Keep in mind that once you earn a ring, you can get the MyTEAM Limited Pack. To do this, you need to collect all six rings. The requirements for Week 2 of NBA 2K22 Limited are much better than they were before, here are the rules below:

At least 13 players from the same franchise, and least 1 Dark Matter/Opal/PD/Diamond/ Amethyst card. And no Free Agents or Heat Checks are allowed.

Remember that you can always sort by team when building a squad, which should make it possible to find 13 players. We all know that in order to receive the main reward in NBA 2K22 Limited, you need to get 6 championship rings. However, there are still some great awards.

To get you started, you can get yourself the End Game Giannis & Yao Pack, which was released just today. Along with that, you can get boosts and tokens. Week 2 of NBA 2K22 Limited is full of rewards, all of which you’ll earn along the way to claiming the championship ring:

Shoe Boosts, End Game Packs, Championship Ring, 100 Tokens


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