Major Car Shipping Ports in the USA


The United States is no exception regarding the high cost of exporting a car internationally. In addition, once you’ve decided to ship your car, navigating the varying costs and fees of various services to your desired car shipping port and the numerous market providers can be difficult. This is where Car shipping companies comes to the rescue!

Until you need the service, we rarely give car shipping much thought. There are various ports that are placed for Car Shipping. In this article, we’ll look at the major car shipping ports in the USA and how car shipping companies makes the process simple.

Major car shipping ports in the USA

The car shipping ports in the USA have a significant impact on the cost and timing of shipping a vehicle overseas. You must consider not only the shipping of your car from its present position to the car shipping port but also the sailing times from your chosen port of departure to the country of your destination. Also, it is advisable to know about international car shipping ports, shipping services, and their various shipment modes, including shipping container cars and Ro-Ro auto transport. Few of the major car shipping ports are:

Port of Long Beach:

The Port of Long Beach is west of downtown Long Beach, near the southern terminus of the Long Beach (710) Freeway. More than $180 billion worth of trade each year runs through Long Beach. Long Beach is a very popular place to ship containers to and from because it is one of the main entry points for trade with Asia.

Newark Port (New York And New Jersey):

This is the busiest port on the East Coast. It is the third-largest port in the country and the biggest on the US east coast. With a 640-mile channel surface leading to the complex, it has direct access to the Atlantic. It is one of the most successful ports in the USA, with a net annual turnover of $5.5 billion. China accounts for 23.5% of the port’s trade, with India coming in second at 8.1%.

Port of Savannah:

Savannah, Georgia, is another important East Coast port. With the largest container terminal in the Western Hemisphere, Savannah is the fourth busiest US port. If you want to ship a car to Europe or Africa, both Savannah and Newark are good choices as car shipping ports.

Port of Seattle:

Seattle-Tacoma is the second busiest port on the West Coast and the fifth busiest one in the United States. This port is still one of the useful international car shipping ports to East Asian nations.

Houston Port:

Houston, Texas, is the fastest-growing American port. It covers 25 miles, is situated in the fourth-largest state, and is only a few hours’ drive from the Gulf of Mexico. Every year, seagoing ships make an average of 7,800 to 8,500 calls to the port.

Port of Virginia:

One of the busiest ports on the US East Coast, the Port of Virginia generated 11.6% of all throughput along the coast in 2016. Ships can sail there in just 2.5 hours, thanks to its advantageous location.

Port of Charleston:

The Port of Charleston has five open terminals that handle vehicles, cruise ships, and cargo. You might want to consider using this car shipping port for your needs.

Port of Miami:

The Port of Miami is a seaport in Florida. Its advantageous position at the meeting point of North and South America has enabled it to become one of the top hubs in the world, able to house both cruise and commercial ships.

What do you need to be prepared with to pick up your car?

You need to prepare for the following things:

  • Clean the interior and exterior of the car.
  • Check and repair all the dents, scratches.
  • Turn off all the alarms.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Lock the Car.

Car Shipping Companies Support

With experts guiding you, international car shipping doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Companies having experience in both domestic and international shipping will ease your suffering by delivering your car to your desired car shipping port.

They specialize in delivering cars to the USA with the assistance of their international shipping partners. You can check their pricing on their websites.

A lot of paperwork is necessary for transporting a car internationally. For a trouble-free shipping experience, their knowledgeable agents assist you in gathering and submitting the necessary documentation. You don’t need to worry about the drawn-out procedures if an experienced shipping business are guiding and helping you. RoRo shipping and container car shipment are the two ways to transport cars to the USA.

They’ll pick a delivery option that meets your transportation needs the best.

There are a few things you need to do to get your car picked up before shipping it to the USA:

  • Check your vehicle carefully for any dents or scratches. Please take it to your mechanic for a complete examination.
  • Fill the gas tank in your car down to 1/4 of its capacity.
  • If you are shipping other items in a container with your car, pack them firmly and securely.
  • Verify the limitations and bans on sending cars to one of the international car shipping

Logistics company guarantees both your convenience and the timely delivery of your car. They give their customers tracking numbers to keep track of bookings and shipments.


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