iPhone 11 Better than iPhone X


iPhone 11 officially became yesterday at apple stores around the world. The iPhone 11 is the follow up to the iPhone x if you think your iPhone x feels and look outdated.  iPhone 11 pro will help with that they have nearly identical designs with the significant difference the iPhone 11 pro new chip may offer better performance. Still, whenever you are unhappy with the iPhone x performance, then iPhone 12 performance boost won’t make a huge impact.

iPhone 11 Vs iPhone X:

The iPhone x still has all the important stuff to make apps, iOS and content look tremendous both the iPhone x and iPhone 11 pro even have the same sharpness at 458 pixels per inch.

The iPhone 11 screen has best contrast brightness and ratio if you are not happy with your iPhone x contrast ratio or brightness, Then you could add it to upgrade. The iPhone 11 pro comes with a 12-megapixel camera, and the iPhone x has 7-megapixel camera the iPhone x is lighter than iPhone 11 pro and also smaller. The most significant difference between the iPhone X and the iPhone 11 is the display technology the iPhone 11 offers an LCD with a 1792×828 resolution while the iPhone x features an OLED display with a resolution of 2436×1125 for 458 pixels per inch.


The iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch display while iPhone x features a 5.8-inch display 

The iPhone x features stainless steel edge that is more durable than the aluminum edge of iPhone 11. According to Apple, the past iPhone models are not more durable as compare to iPhone X. The iPhone 11 is available in many colors, and the iPhone x was only sold in space grey and silver. One of the prominent features of the iPhone 11 pro is that it offers night mood. This feature can take brighten up images also in the low light environment. The early test shows that the result is excellent; the iPhone 11 also offers true tone flash. The new software features allow you to adjust the background depth and blur after taking a photo.

Keeping in view the front camera, iPhone 11 is better than iPhone x having 12mp and now also support 4k video recording at 30fps, 24fps and 60 fps 1080p video at 120 fps. In contrast, iPhone x features a 7mp front camera with support for 1080p video the battery life timing of iPhone 11 is up to 17 hour which is better than iPhone x up to 13 hours. The best feature in iPhone 11 storage space is 64GB. iPhone x storage space is 128 GB which is widely considered to be the sweet spot in terms of storage option. The camera result of iPhone 11 is better than iPhone x iPhone 11 have dual-camera system one lens is 12mp wide camera which will take high quality, gorgeous, high-quality complete angle photo.

The most important and significant benefit of iPhone 11 is that its price is 699 dollars, and the cost of iPhone x is 999 dollars. iPhone 11 offer A13 Bionic chip with the third-generation neural engine while iPhone x offer A11 Bionic chip with the neutral engine. The iPhone 11 offer hepatic touch while iPhone x offers a 3D touch the height of iPhone 11 is 5.94 inches, and the size of the iPhone x is 5.65 inches. In the same way, the depth of iPhone 11 is 0.33 the centre of iPhone x is 0.30 the weight of iPhone 12 is 6.84 ounce the value of iPhone x is 6.14 ounces iPhone 11 also offers cinematic video stabilization.   

Finally, the iPhone 11 is better than iPhone x in many ways in also in price rate. I suggest who want to buy the iPhone will buy iPhone 11. 


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