In terms of plans and pricing,



Every plan on offers something new and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Each one, of course, has a distinct price tag.

Prior to signing up for workforce software monday  , you should familiarize yourself with the service’s price structure. In light of the fact that some users have pointed out that it may be confusing, we’ll do our best to explain everything and aid you in making an informed decision.

I understand your first concern: is cost-free? Yes, since it provides a free plan that you may use for as long as you like. All other options are also available for a free trial.

Let’s take a closer look at each idea.

The Advantages of Having an Individual Plan

It’s fitting that this policy is called “Individual” since it’s mainly designed for people and small businesses. As long as you don’t exceed two people, it’s free to use.

However, this plan does not come cheap, but it does include limitless boards, documents, and access to all of the more than 200 templates that are available.

For those who don’t have the app, they may also utilize the app to manage up to 1,000 things and obtain 500MB of storage.

As far as collaboration is concerned,’s free edition is the best, as it includes all of’s collaborative capabilities. A subscription plan is required, however, if you want to use the platform for more advanced features such as creating multiple reports and views of your data and process.

The Benefits of the Basic Plan

The lowest priced plan is the Basic one, which costs $10 per month per user – or $8 if you pay yearly. Since you receive infinite items and views, it’s great for organizing most of your team’s work in one location.

However, this is’s poorest plan, with just 5 GB of storage space and a week’s worth of user activity data retained.

Trello and Asana, for example, appear superior since they provide the same features for free. You’ll find that’s subscription plans are much superior to Trello’s when comparing the two tools side-by-side in a more comprehensive comparison.

The Trello review and ratings page has further details on these features.


The Benefits of a Standard Plan

Aside from the Basic plan,’s Standard plan is the most popular, and it’s often praised for being significantly better. It’s a little more expensive at $12 a month or $10 a year, but it’s not much.

Smaller teams can use it, but up to 25 people can benefit from it. Most project management requirements may be met with 20 GB of storage space and activity records that can be retained for up to six months.

The Timeline, Calendar, and Map views are just some of the most aesthetically appealing and complex options that you may access with this subscription.

The Benefits of the Pro Plan

In other words, bigger firms of all sizes may benefit from the Pro plan, which is designed for teams with 25 or more members. The monthly cost is $20 per user, but if you pay yearly, the cost drops to $16 per user.

Everything from the previous plans is included in this one. However, it also has additional functionality for bigger teams as well as up to 1 TB of storage.

In addition, you’ll get access to your own private boards and documents, as well as time monitoring, a wide range of automation and connection options, and dashboards that integrate up to 10 boards.

The Benefits of a Corporate Strategic Plan

Large firms, such as those in the enterprise plan’s target market, will benefit from its inclusion. has a personalized pricing scheme, so you’ll need to get in touch with them to see what it might look like for your company.

The package covers all of’s offerings. This also implies that the number of integrations and automations is almost unrestricted. Even though you’ll have a storage restriction, we can assure you that it will be adequate. With 5 TB of available storage, it’s ready to go.

You’ll get advanced security features like single sign-on, HIPAA compliance, integration permissions, and IP limits.

Another thing to note is that offers enterprise-level reporting and analytics to its enterprise customers in the form of dashboard reports and visualizations of work performance.



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