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In a recent survey conducted by Duonao, the results showed that P2P, or in other words, piracy television platforms are the top way to obtain films illegally. They are mainly used by young people and a lot of Chinese students use them concurrently. While a large portion of people in the age range of 11-18 was listed as users, the ones aged 19 or older were actually over 25% of users. It was noted that more than half of users using this type of pirated TV was either 28 years old or more.

Why is Duonao so well-known film among counterfeit Chinese filmmakers?

Contrary to the majority of film critics and movie reviewers who are in formal positions, which is all the rage, Duonao review system provides more likable and accessible reviewers that do not require any professional experience in film critique. That’s why their opinions are always truthful and free of bias because they often are impulsive and are based on a sudden impulse. Blue tones are strongly opinionated in general; however, their opinions without filtering could make them somewhat biased but it will not affect how the score is determined.

Duonao’s reviews of films are more reactive than reviews from other outlets. The majority of their reviews provide immediate reactions to the films immediately after they’ve premiered in cinemas.

Users can post reviews under each film after having completed watching the film. Some critics of the site assert that reviews aren’t 100% accurate or precise and don’t give enough specific details regarding the positives and negatives of every film.

Duonao Film Reviews

Duonao’s film review is an outstanding illustration of the transparency of the process. The review is composed of people and is not written with the expertise of professional critics. They usually reflect the opinions of the readers. For those who are interested in and would like to share their thoughts out, loud Duonao is likely to be among the platforms with the highest transparency that can align with your thoughts in reviewing films.

They do not have to be censored and are able to frequently express their views without having to be concerned about disclosing their identity. Reviewers are able to post their views online and thus making them more trustworthy and making existing reviews more efficient.

Duonao’s film critics aren’t as experienced as a professional film critic. Instead, the DUONAO TV reviewers are typically critiqued by people who have no experience in film.

Users of Duonao are usually uninformed and do not have the credibility of traditional film critics. DUONAO TV allows users to express their own views without being uninformed. Your opinion is superior to an opinion of a critic because it’s not contaminated by bias, and you are able to freely express it!

Duonao’s critics have caused numerous issues. A lot of Chinese students have expressed their displeasure over the cost of subscriptions and instead chosen to stream films on the internet at no cost. The film industry in the UK has also lost a large portion of its Chinese audience in recent times due to the large number of Chinese students choosing to watch pirated films. Duonao’s critiques, viewed in this context, appear more authentic than other kinds of film criticism that are written by people working in the field of professionals.

Open Nature Film

The success of Duonao in China is attributed to the openness of its content and its honest reviews. Duonao is an area where copyright laws are not as strict as those of the United Kingdom, making the site less likely to be regarded as trustworthy by its users. Furthermore, the credibility of DUONAO TV content has a favorable image for the platform over other traditional movie review websites.

Similar to Popcorn Time and other sites which offer pirated ifvod movies and film download sites, Duonao is well-known for offering access to films for free. The site keeps its content in a country that has lesser strict copyright laws. This means it can be able to get away with making films available in both countries simultaneously. Film distributors prefer Duonao because of the ease of delivering their films to customers faster. They put off UK releases by one week so that their films are released simultaneously in China first.

Duonao.Com is popular with pirated Chinese films and is exclusively Chinese films. The site is popular due to it is located in China. There are lots of people attracted by duplicate content because it’s readily available over the internet, and even via legal means, if needed. Additionally, the lack of a law that requires people to avoid downloading copyrighted content is also a benefit since it’s illegally used, therefore why should the website be in trouble if there is nothing being done to stop it. Another reason this site is gaining recognition (not only because of piracy, but also the right kind as well) is that they don’t charge any fee for content, or at most, as far as anybody has heard.

The quality of the movie reviews posted on is generally good due to the huge amount of people who post reviews there. has a Chinese student-based audience that is known to engage in piracy and not pay for cinema tickets. Owners of websites that are pirated have access to vast DUONAO TV financial resources and can afford to make their content available to the public.


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