How To Choose the Right Sports Jersey?

Sports Jersey

Sportswear has changed a lot in the last hundred years. Sports jerseys are now more revealing than the shirts and underwear athletes once wore. The variety of T-shirts is amazing, so it’s worth understanding them well. A modern set of clothing for sports is unthinkable without a T-shirt.


The purpose of sports shirts affects the length, design and cut, and the choice of material. For example, running clothes are different from yoga uniforms. For almost any sport, a T-shirt becomes an indispensable part of the kit. Sports T-shirt can be combined with a special bra or replaced. Habitual underwear during active activities restricts movement, stretches, and loses its shape from moisture, so you can’t do without special underwear. Most often, T-shirts are allocated for classes in the gym, running, dancing, and training.

For fitness

Jersey that is close in cut to classic mexico jersey is ideal for fitness. They should absorb sweat, not constrain movements, and if necessary, support the chest (this depends on the size).


Different T-shirts are worn for dance classes: from ultra-short to long ones. They can be of any color and design. The main thing is to move comfortably, and the style favorably emphasizes or gently hides the body.

For dynamic types of dances, short and tight models with support are chosen to open the press and show the play of muscles. Soft and smooth movements allow you to wear any T-shirt.

For training

For active training (with jumps, for example), it is advised to choose underwear that sits comfortably and does not restrict movement.

What to wear?

With what to combine and combine sports T-shirts? You can create a lot of kits for sports activities, many of them will be with a T-shirt, top, or jacket over a T-shirt. The most daring and original options play with a T-shirt as an active part of the wardrobe.


Short shorts and a T-shirt are a great combination. Ideal for fitness and training. Short shorts visually lengthen the legs, and the T-shirt emphasizes the bust, shoulders, and back.


Leggings or leggings with a tank top are a hot trend that is actively used for any kind of training. A set with a contrasting color will look calm and versatile, a T-shirt can be loose or fitted, long or short. If you choose a set with a repeating active color, it will emphasize the proportions, so it will favorably show a chiseled waist and beautiful shoulders and legs. You will definitely be the center of attention!


Sneakers are the main sports shoes. They help to “finish” the correct and harmonious image. Any T-shirt will be appropriate only with sneakers. A T-shirt is a kind of coquetry, a reminder of femininity, sneakers balance and harmonizes the style.

Popular types

There are a lot of styles of sports shirts. Almost every active hobby has its own requirements for underwear and clothing. With the fashion for a certain sport, its attributes and clothes become relevant, reaching the level of gloss, catwalks, and haute couture. But you can find such models of sports T-shirts that only change slightly, remaining all the same popular and dearly loved.


Elongated sports shirts look spectacular in the form of a deuce with a T-shirt. This layered option is worth choosing to hide the tummy. It is often chosen by novice workout and fitness enthusiasts. Self-study on the street is a very correct and practical option. Good for yoga and some dancing.


Cropped t-shirts spice up the look like the main top. Complete with a top or a long T-shirt, they can replace sports underwear. Short models are made fitted, and tight, and they keep their shape better.


Fitted and tight-fitting models perfectly emphasize the dignity of a slender figure. They will make expressive curves of the chest and waist. Thanks to a tight and comfortable fit, they can easily perform the functionality of sports underwear. They are often reinforced with stretch fabric inserts to create a chest-holding effect.


Modern waterproof sports T-shirts are needed for active sports. Enhanced moisture wicking keeps them practically dry, creating a comfortable environment for the body. This effect is achieved when hygroscopic fibers are woven into the problem areas of the armpits, back and neck. In some T-shirts, mesh inserts cope with this role.


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