How To Choose the Right Hairbrush?


Did you know that in many ways the condition of your curls depends on which comb you use? Many girls think that the most important thing is the regular use of balms, masks, and thermal protection. That you can quickly comb your hair with a regular massage and run-on business. But this is not entirely true. Our hairstyle suffers from the wrong choice. And if the brush is metal with sharp teeth, then you can get micro-wounds on your head.

Arriving at a specialized hairdressing store, eyes start to diverge from a huge number of all sorts of brushes – round, square, combs. Wooden, metal, acrylic, ceramic, with natural and artificial bristles, for styling and many, many others. How not to get confused and overpay for a useless accessory. If you are a grower or a heavy groomer, it’s best to have multiple brushes and use each for your own purposes.

What comb to choose? Main types


The most popular, but not the most useful. Ideal for owners of long strands. There are special massage balls with which you can increase blood flow and wake up dormant bulbs. Therefore, it is better not to use the owners of the fatty type, so that this procedure is not harmful and the hair does not become even fatter.

Hot comb

Use only during styling. Throughout the structure of the hot comb, there are special teeth. Thanks to special holes in the body, the hot air from the hairdryer dries better and fixes the result. You can create beautiful waves or straighten them.


If thick sparse teeth – perfect for applying masks and balms, as well as for untangling wet strands. For owners of curls or thick waves, it is better to use a comb, because it will not tear out curls. A fine-toothed comb is used to create a parting or separate strands for styling.

Skeleton brush

The teeth are on one side. Good for short hair.

How To Choose a Comb Depending on The Material?

In fact, there is nothing difficult in choosing, you just need to take into account a couple of nuances. For example, wooden ones are suitable for thin and weak curls. However, it is difficult to take care of her. If the curls at the top of the head are oily, you will have to wash them every day, but they can swell or crack from water and will have to be thrown away.

Natural bristle brushes are more expensive, but they are more useful. Boar pile or whalebone is often used. They do not scratch the skin, do not tear out, and do not electrify. The main thing is to make sure that the bristles are really natural. To test, pull out a couple of bristles and set them on fire. If there is an obvious chemical smell, put it aside, it is not natural.

The most affordable option is plastic brushes. They can be left unwashed often and are easy to carry around, but they electrify the hair and can scratch the scalp if the ends are not protected with special balls.

For styling, ceramic coating is the most effective. It does not overheat and helps to quickly take the desired shape. Now combs made of carbon are becoming more and more popular. They do not tangle the strands, and do not damage the ends, but the cost is an order of magnitude higher than all the others.


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