How To Become A Private Pilot?


Have you ever had a desire to learn how to fly? Would you like to work on your flying skills and get your private pilot license? Here’s an exhaustive process on how you can get your private pilot license (PPL) today in America.



One of the important things to note about applying for the PPL is you can do so from age 17. Yes, if you want to fly solo, the age limit is 16 for a private pilot license; however, you have to be at least 17 years old. Additionally, to qualify for a PPL, you need to do basic math, writing, and understand English.

So, what are the steps to becoming a certified private pilot?



1. Research the right pilot school for you



To become a private pilot, you’ll need to enroll in a pilot school. However, different schools have varying programs and approaches. Before you can enroll in a school and kickstart your flying journey, you’ll need to find the right school. Luckily, you can run a quick search on the internet for more on each school’s teaching style.



2. Take your introduction training flight



Still, before you can enroll in the training school, you’re required to complete an introductory training flight successfully. This initial flight is designed to give you an altruistic view of flying.


The very nature of flying is intricate from the very start. While it can be exciting, it’s important to understand the whole flight experience. Moreover, this introductory training flight will help you get a virtually better sense of using the controls.



3. Apply for your FAA Medical Certificate



As mentioned above, flying requires concentration and alertness. To fly whether private or commercially, you need to be declared medically sound.

If you are looking to fly in a professional capacity, you’re required to match up to higher medical standards. As such, these categories should consider the aeromedical Examiner route.



4. Apply for your FAA student’s piloting certification



After getting the all-clear and getting the FAA medical certification, you’ll need to apply for an FAA student pilot certificate. You can apply for the FAA student certificate on FAA’s IARCA platform (integrated airman certification and rating application). Also, it is important to recognize that you don’t necessarily need the pilot certificate when you start training. However, you will require it when you begin solo flying. The earlier you apply, the easier and more seamless the whole process is.



5. Start your flight training classes



You can now begin your flight lessons and work towards the dream of becoming a private lesson. While the school you choose has a lot to do with your training, you must be willing to push yourself and put in the work towards excelling.



6. Pass the private practical test



The last step towards becoming a private pilot and acquiring your PPL is the practical exam. The practical test consists of both a flight and oral portion with the help of a designated pilot examiner (DPE).



After passing the test, you’re now qualified to become a private pilot.


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