Gotham Garage Fake or Real: Honest Review

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Is Gotham Garage fake given the concerns surrounding Mark Towle and Gotham Garage? Gotham Garage is the restoration facility used by Mark Towle and his team on Car Masters: Rust to Riches.  

This show is about custom vehicles, their owners, and the cars they’ve owned. Nevertheless, their suspicious activity makes it difficult to determine if Gotham Garage is real or fake.  

Consequently, loyal Netflix viewers are wondering whether the Netflix series is authentic or fake. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what Netflix has been trying to hide from the public.  

Does Constance Nunes work as a Car Mechanic?  

The female mechanics tend to look more like models on magazine covers than average mechanics leading to speculation that is Gotham Garage fake.  She has also shown promise as a model on social media.  

Despite working in the automotive industry for quite some time, many people don’t know Nunes. In addition to modeling, she has worked as a service technician at Ford, BMW, and Audi. Nunes is a skilled mechanic, not just a pretty face.  

Since her father was an expert mechanic and race car driver, she also worked in his mechanic shop for most of her childhood.  


It was part of her upbringing to fix cars as well. Local shops and big car companies alike turn to her for her extensive experience. 

Unusual activities by Mark Towel and his crew  

As you will see throughout this series, the cars and other vehicles are mostly rusted out of shape and poorly maintained. Although the restoration process is considered a miracle by many, the results of the restoration come out better than those of new cars.  

With a couple of dollars and as much effort as is required, it’s fair to say that one can achieve such wonderful results. Even so, the drama series only makes limited mention of the repair procedures and customizing tactics, which leads to allegations of a fake.  

 It is not well known by some viewers, but Mark Towle has appeared in other TV shows as well. This is not his first time working in television. He has appeared on shows such as America’s Most Wanted.  

There is a question of whether or not he is only on the show for fame and recognition, or whether or not he is there due to his expertise in automobile repair. His love of television appears unmentioned.  

Although he has been on television and is a fame-hunter, he is portrayed on the show more as an entrepreneur and businessman than as a celebrity. The production crew takes on virtually all the work themselves, a question fans sometimes ask. 

 The lawsuit by The Warner Bros  

Initially, all we had was a streamer that turned the wheel of the auto-motivated industry.  

There was legal action against the owner and manager of Gotham Garage, Mark Towle, that Warner Bros won tremendously.  

Warner Bros. sued Towle for infringement of rights to Batman’s Batmobile, a Warner Bros. product.  


 The Court Hearing Gone Wrong  

An appellant filed a lawsuit against Mark Towle, claiming that the studio should not stop transcribing this well-known car.  

The Hollywood Reporter maintains that it would harm automobile manufacturers and builders.  

Towle was disappointed when the magistrate ruled that the Batmobile was a copyrighted creation.  

The Verdict  

According to the magistrate, it has been shown that in 1989 the Batmobile was both in the comic book series and the animated film.  

The vehicle also exists in both 2-D and 3-D forms, negating any restoration in the form of replicating the imitation in the form of reproduction. Several attributes of the Batmobile are unique to the Batmobile alone, and Towle’s reproduction is a mere imitation.  

This affair was not mentioned in the episode and wasn’t referred to. A court case has been filed against Towle, and his involvement with Warner Bros. has not been mentioned.  


The Gotham Garage seems to be a fake, based on all the evidence, but we have no real way of knowing this. There is likely some truth in this Netflix play, but it is likely laced with some exaggeration for dramatic effect.  Even though it is not entirely clear to what extent certain elements are scripted, the drama series is extremely captivating to watch.


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