September 25, 2022

Obviously, an electric car needs to be charged. This can be done with a charging station at home (in front of your house), with a charging station along the highway or even at home with a power point. But how does charging work and where can you find charging stations? Is there a charging station at every petrol station or are they spread across several petrol stations? You’ll read all about it in this blog.

Charging at a public charging station

There is a difference between public charging stations and private charging stations (which are located in front of your home). The main difference is that you need a pass for public charging stations, which can be used to calculate the costs. At a public charge post, you can scan the card. This is useful if you are frequently on the road and need to recharge the car in between. Especially with long distances a pass can be convenient. The disadvantage is that charging in public places is usually more expensive. There are fast chargers along the highway, which are also more expensive. It can also be more expensive at a certain time of day, such as rush hour. This is not the same for every public charging station. Thanks to EV charging stations dataset, we know where we can charge our car. They collect information from charging locations and place it in various apps. They take care of the EV charging infrastructure


Charging with a fast charging point

As mentioned above, you can charge your car near the highway at a fast charging station. This is especially useful when you need to charge quickly when the battery is almost empty and you are on your way to a destination. At a “normal charging station” it often takes 6 to 8 hours before the battery is full. At a fast charger it usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes until the battery has reached 80%. Quick charging stations also have charging cables available, so (almost) any car can be charged there.

Charging your car at home

Charging at home can be done in two ways. First, with a charging station that you can place in front of your home. It is not yet possible to install a fast charge point at home. The benefit of having your own charging station is that it is always available. It is also possible to charge the car with a power point. It is not recommended, because it can take a very long time. For accounting reasons, it can also be easier to use a charging station, because it tracks the kWh with a counter. If you would like to charge using the power point, it is better to connect the charger to a separate group. This prevents all the stops from going out.


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