& Enter: Code From the Tv and Youtube Channel

121 & Enter: Code

Get & Enter the code on your television Be sure to be connected to the WI-FI network on the TV prior to making the code.


Then, find the simple instructions:

  • Clicking “Google Chromecast” on the interactive TV menu or channel guide.
  • Moving into the HDMI input by using the television remote.

After that, follow the instructions on the screen to join the Wi-Fi Network that is shown and connect your device.

Then, open any application that supports casting for your mobile device, press the Cast button, and then select your desired room.

(The” Cast” button usually is located in the upper right corner of the screen of your mobile device.)

Play video from Chromecast enabled apps to your TV

The ability to cast your TV content is an easy method to play your favorite applications, optimized for the large screen. You can also utilize your smartphone and tablet to act as your remote to control everything from volume to playback. Let’s get started!

Before you begin casting, make sure to know the rules.

  1. Connect your mobile device, tablet, or computer to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. The tablet, mobile device, or laptop you’re casting from is connected to the same network with your Chromecast or TV that has Chromecast built-in. NOTE: To allow guests to cast even if they are not connected to your Wi-Fi network, go through how to set up Guest mode.
  3. It is essential that you are running the most current version of the Chromecast-enabled application. You can always verify that you’re using the most current version by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and checking for updates to the app.

Cast Chromecast-enabled applications to your TV

  1. Check you are on the tablet, mobile device, or laptop you’re casting from is connected to the identical Wi-Fi connection that you are using for the Chromecast or TV that has Chromecast Built-In.
  2. Install a Chromecast-enabled app.
  3. Click the” Create” button. NOTE: the Cast button may not be in the same spot in all Chromecast-enabled applications.
  4. Tap the device that you’d prefer to cast.
  5. If you’re connecting, the Cast button will change color, letting you be aware that your connection is active.
  6. Now you can play movies, videos, and TV shows directly onto your television.
  7. If you want to stop the casting process, press the casting button and then Connect.

Find new content that you can make

There’s an abundance of excellent content available from your favorite apps that support Chromecast and we wouldn’t intend to leave you without even a single amazing song or podcast.

In the Google Home app, click within the Google Home app, and tap the Explore tab. You can browse for content and discover new content which is available through the Chromecast-enabled apps you haven’t yet installed. You can find the list of the Chromecast-enabled applications as well as the content that is available.

For more information about developing for Chromecast, you can go to the Chromecast Developer Assistance Center.

Be aware that Casting is also enabled on your laptop through the websites of Chromecast-enabled applications. To find out more, visit Google Cast-enabled apps. Casting in a tab. To cast using Chrome, please ensure that you’ve got the cast button set up on the Chrome browser.

If your home is connected to at least two isolated networks Your Android device could automatically switch between networks based on the strength of your signal. This can determine the way you can see the Cast button on the apps you use.

To prevent auto-switching, & Enter: Code Android users can access the WiFi settings on their device and forget “Network B” to ensure you are connected to the Android phone is connected to the same network A as the Chromecast as well as the TV that has Chromecast integrated.


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