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Compare the Monday Project Management vs Trello Project Management

by Grace D
Monday software is an online platform through which you can manage your projects as well as collaborate with teams. Trello is a sturdy software for online work management.

Monday is a relatively new software for project management, but it has already impressed seasoned enterprises as well as attracted startups. It provides project management solutions for software development, HR management, and marketing teams. Trello, on the other hand, has come a long way since it started its journey as a list-making software in 2011. It has also gained momentum as a powerful tool with the ability to provide solutions for collaborations. Monday project management vs Trello project management has its own set of qualities that make it stand out.

Features of Monday Project Manager

Monday has the potential to automate your workflow on different levels.

1.    CRM Management

The CRM templates can capture leads through two different methods. They can either generate information through embedded web forms, or you can even import your data directly. The template further accommodates the overall process by letting you create unlimited sales pipelines. You can manage your accounts based on deal size and priority. And finally, you can generate insights on a visual dashboard through which you can assess the difference between forecasted and actual revenue.

2.     Project Portfolio

While you are working on different projects, you obviously need to keep up with their specific aspects. Therefore, Monday project management can be used for planning, tracking, and also managing different projects through one platform.

When you are using project portfolio management, you can assign a specific budget to each project and ensure that your team does not exceed it. And finally, you can receive requests for new requests and streamline projects.

3.      Marketing

Monday, additionally, has a wide range of marketing tools, such as the content calendar that displays the list of initiatives you have taken or wish to follow. Since a large chunk of marketing takes place on social media, Monday project management equips you with the full range of related tools to create and schedule marketing campaigns that are to be run on social media platforms.

Monday enhances social media management by integrating Facebook ads with the software so you can manage it without having to leave the software.

4.      Product Development

One of the latest features of Monday software is the full project development tool. There are multiple aspects of this tool that can be used for road mapping. You can control your current and future sprints, assign owners to different tasks, and check task execution.

Moreover, you can track any bugs and issues that may cause your project to be affected. In fact, you can use this feature to check for any potential issues that may come up.

Features of Trello Project Manager

Trello  project management has multiple features for the improvement of remote workspaces by integrating a

1.      Trello Board

If you want to stay organized and keep track of your projects, it is important to have boards where you can organize information. Trello board is equipped with cards and lists through which you can title tasks as well as provide critical information. From task boards, you can move to manage timelines, productivity metrics, and calendars. Trello cards are a way to enhance your engagement with your team and share cards to relate essential information.

2.      Integrations

To automate your process, you naturally require app integrations to organize your data on one platform. Trello lets you bring numerous applications to the platform with the Zapier site. You can use Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Discord, and several others which are required regularly.

For further information, to learn about the details, you can take a Trello demo that lists all the possible features you need to familiarize yourself with.

Monday Project Management vs Trello Project Management Pricing

Monday has five plans that you can choose from. The free plan has a limited set of features, yet they can be quite helpful for beginners. You are able to initiate an unlimited number of boards and view unlimited docs. There is 200+ templates that you can use to customize your project details and dashboards. The Basic plan, on the other hand, costs $8, and it is an equally useful plan for team projects as it offers unlimited free viewers, 5B file data storage, and prioritizes customer support.

The standard plan costs $10, whereas the pro is billed at $16. While the standard plan has Gantt, timeline, guest access, and automation, the pro is able to accommodate time tracking, formula column, and dependency column as well. However, the pro plan on Monday.com exceeds the amount of automation, and you can create up to 2500 actions per month.

Monday project management can also be useful for enterprises, and you can generate a private quote based on the number of users who will be using the plan.

There are four different payment plans offered by Trello, which include free, standard, premium, and enterprise. The free plan is helpful for people who are working individually or those who want to organize their teams. It can accommodate your entire team, and you can even make unlimited cards. Each workspace has the capacity for up to 10 boards.

There is also unlimited data available, but the file size is limited to 10MB. You can manage 250 workspace commands and use the free stickers and backgrounds as well. The second payment plan costs $5, and it supports teams who are working together. The list of features included in this payment plan contains saved searches, custom fields, and unlimited boards.

The Trello pricing plan is called premium and is billed at $10 monthly. The premium includes all the features from the standard and extends that list with a timeline view, dashboard view, calendar view, map view, collection, and observers.

And lastly, Trello caters to large-scale businesses with the enterprise plan. The price of the enterprise plan starts at $17 and has upgraded traits like multi-board guests, attachment permissions, unlimited workspaces, and free SSO with Atlassian access.

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