Functional Capacity Assessment And The NDIS

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What Is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It is a disability program started by the Australian government to help people with significant or permanent impairments that lead to disabilities. This scheme provides various support services to help the participants live as independently as possible. It also aims to reduce the amount of support participants need in their daily lives.

Participants can access this support after getting their NDIS plan approved by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). They can request the support they think is needed to reach their goals, and NDIS approves the funding after assessing their request. Once the NDIS plan is approved, the participants can start receiving support with the help of their service providers.

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What Is Functional Capacity Assessment?

Functional Capacity Assessment is done to ensure that the participants are getting the right level of support and services to achieve their goals. It analyses the functional capacities in everyday activities in homes and communities. It helps in identifying the severity of support the participants need. Occupational therapists conduct functional Capacity Assessments at the request of NDIA and the participants to identify the necessary support.

We often hear people complaining about their application getting rejected due to functional capacity even though they have a permanent disability. In order to be eligible for the NDIS, you need to fulfil all of the following requirements.

  • A permanent disability that may be intellectual, cognitive, physical, neurological, or sensory. It can also be a combination of multiple of these, but it has to be the result of an impairment.
  • A disability that reduces functional capacity by getting in the way of daily activities, social interactions, self-care, mobility, learning, etc.
  • A disability that might require support for a lifetime.

A person has reduced functional capacity when they are unable to perform their daily activities themselves, participate in social events without any assistance, communicate well with others without any help, Move around freely without any assistive technology, manage their activities and appointments by themselves, etc. The approval of the NDIS application is based on what the participant can and cannot do according to this Functional Capacity Assessment.

How Does The NDIS Assess Functional Capacity Assessment?

NDIS assesses your Functional Capacity Assessment depending on the type of disability you have presented in your application. For instance, if you have claimed a reduced functional capacity for mobility, NDIS may not have to check your functional capacity in daily routine tasks to judge your skills.

NDIS relies on your application while running a Functional Capacity Assessment so that it will work according to your mentioned problems. There are many allied health professionals who can check your functional capacity across different areas. A trained occupational therapist might need a couple of hours to run a thorough test for your functional capacity assessment.

Reports For NDIS Application

When preparing your application for NDIS, you will need to gather many documents and have your healthcare professionals add the right words to your report. By “right”, we mean that it has to be in the language that NDIS understands and prefers. Many healthcare professionals use their own jargon, but it will not help your case in the end.

Make sure that you add all the necessary documents in the report, and it must be focused on your functional capacity, not on your medical records. NDIS will fund your support after assessing your functional capacity, so it is best to prepare reports focused on the Functional Capacity Assessment if you want to avoid rejection.

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