Downsides of Technology


Downsides of Technology has no doubt, benefited us in a number of ways. We cannot deny the importance of Information Technology in our lives. Obviously, the advancements in Information Technology have resulted in the growth of the whole world. It has brought huge advancements and convenience in our lives. Along with a number of advantages of Information Technology, there are still some negative impacts of IT. 

We will look some of the downsides of Technology one by one:

Destruction of natural resources: 

Our world is full of natural resources which we use for our betterment. A huge number of world’s natural resources are utilized to develop the technological equipments and devices.  No doubt, these equipments are very useful for our life, but a negative aspect of it is that, the development of these technological equipments destroys the natural resources. As a result of this exhaustion, these resources are reduced day by day and causing a threat to our environment. 


Technology is also causing various kinds of pollution. The industries which are a technological development, are throwing its industrial wastes and pollutants into the nearby rivers, lakes and seas which cause the water pollution. This water is not suitable for drinking purpose. Moreover, the vehicles and transport also contribute to air pollution. These vehicles and industry secrete smoke, and making the air unhealthy for human use. 

In addition, the vehicles cause too much noise pollution and affect our hearing power. The technological devices also operate by producing loud sounds. 

The waste secreted by the industries also affects the soil fertility and leads to soil pollution. Moreover, technology also causes ultra violet radio waves to reach earth speedily which is dangerous for health and causing thermal pollution.

Unemployment rate:

 In earlier time, men use to do almost all of the work, the work was manual but with the Technological advancements, all the work done by humans is replaced by machines which have increased the unemployment’s rate. Technology has also snatched the livelihood of a lot of people.

Various health problems:

As we mentioned above that technology cause many types of pollutions & it also exhaust our natural environment, as a result all these things will also affect the health of human beings in a number of different ways. People will suffer from many health problems. We can say that Technology has locked us in a room, now majority of the people like to sit in their room and use their technological gadgets and play video games etc. as a result, their physical activity is lowered which will lead to many health disorders. They will become obese and will develop a number of health disorders. 

People don’t like to go outside and do interaction with their surrounding people. As a result they will become psycho. They will develop some breathing disorders and some infections. Their eye sight will also be affected a lot. All these health disorders arise due to over use of technology.  

Destruction of the entire world:

Now with the help of technology, almost every country has developed its own nuclear weapons and nuclear power. These weapons are causing threat to the entire world. 

So no doubt, technology has some week points as well. 


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