How mobile phones effect our life?


Mobile phones take a huge place in everyone’s life. They make our life easy and convenient in a way. You can do anything with the help of mobile phone like texting, video calls, you can book a ride, you can order food, and you can do shopping online or many other things. It has multi purposes device.  We are become addicted to the cell phone use. Like other things, mobile phones also have positive as well as negative effects on us. Let’s discuss them.

Positive effects on people: 

A source of entertainment: 

Mobile phones will help you to relieve your all day stress to some extent. You can install many mobile applications on your phone and can sue them daily to get refresh. Some of the apps will also help in making your daily tasks simple and easy. You can sue some apps to pay your utility bills and you can shop online groceries. You can also book your ride or hostel for you on a click. These apps help you to release daily chores easily. 

Stay organized:

Mobile phones help people to stay organized this is the important benefit of phones. The mobile applications help the people to manage their activities with ease. You can save your important documents. You can send important mails and save them. You can prepare notes about what you are going to do in coming time.  

Help in emergency situation:

Mobile phones will help you to deal with emergency situations. A person can quickly get assistance from mobile apps. Mobile phones have GPS system with the help of that you can trace any people who were lost. You can also deal with natural disasters. In this way you will be socially, economically, politically updated about any related issues. 

When any emergency situation arise n a country,  phones will help to spread the important messages to all so that everyone can be aware of the possible risk of the situation. In this way their lives will be save. 

Negative effects of Mobile phones:

Effect on studies: 

Mobile phones have become so common, everyone use mobile phone too much which will negatively affect their academic level. They will spend their most time on phones and ignores studies. They spend major portion of the day in chatting with friends and playing games. They remain busy on useless activities that they don’t get time to study. In this way their grades are lower. They will have no bright future.

Health issues:

Excess use of Mobile phones also effect the health of adults and children. Their eyesight is affected by the prolonged use of Mobile phones. They will face problems in sleeping; have issues in hearing and other health issues. 

Violent behaviour:

Child starts watching adult content on phones which is not correct for them. Their innocent minds are affected by this adult and violet content. So their behaviour will be so violent and rude. They will have less respect for other. 


Now we are able to say that mobile have both benefits and disadvantages, it depends on us how we use it. We can prevent the negative impacts if we use it in moderation.  


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