Custom T-Shirt: Design Ideas You May Not Have Thought Before


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T-shirts are an integral part of almost everybody’s wardrobe. Those soft, plain fabrics hugging your body feel so nice! However, a tee need not be plain Jane. You can turn it into an interesting piece of apparel, something that would draw all the “oohs” and “aahs” from friends and onlookers. 


How to turn a plain Jane tee into a glam one? 

There are several ways to create a glam custom T-shirt:

  • Add some gaudy graphics to it. 
  • Print the face of your favorite actor or your pet or even yourselves on it. 
  • Splash it with vibrant colors. 
  • Create an embroidered motif or design on it. 


It depends more on your imagination. Also, when designing a tee, shed your inhibitions. Go bold, go free. 


Speak your mind. 


Designing pros 

Designers at a reputable custom T-shirt shop are apt in designing all sorts of things on a tee. They get a number of design ideas from customers. Many are common, while some are bizarre. A few are highly creative, while others can be out-of-box. 


The pros can handle all types of design. They have various techniques for designing tees, such as:

  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Direct-to-Film Printing
  • Direct-to-Garment Printing


Printing messages on tees

Printing messages on custom T-shirts is a great way to express yourselves. The message could be one whole sentence or just one or two words. 


  • The message could be funny, such as “Tense Situation – Future, Present, and Past Met in a Bar”
  • The message can be serious, such as: “Be Human Love Animals” 
  • It can be as bold as it gets, such as “I Am Gay/Lesbian” or “Be Afraid Of Me” 
  • The message could be an eye-opener, such as “Earth’s Heating: Do We Have a Second Home?”
  • You can also print out-of-box and weird messages, such as “Inside Is The Pandora’s Box” or “Be Pawsitive,” or “I Work Out But It’s Not Working Out,” or “Are You Reading My Tee? Now You’ll Go To Hell” 


So what are you waiting for? Names like Custom Shirt Printings are pros in turning tees into some of the most cherished garments of your wardrobe. 


Making of a beloved garment

Believe us, when you customize a tee it would soon become one of your most beloved apparel. You would want to wear it almost daily. It is hardly possible that you custom design just a single tee. 


With a variety of design ideas available, you ought to order multiple tees. 

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Besides, you can’t be in the same mood all the time, right? Don’t you want your tees to match your changing moods?


Whether you embroider the tee or print a graphic or scribble some message, let your garment stand out in the crowd. 


A tee is such a versatile garment that you can pair it with just anything. It could be a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a skirt, a pair of trousers, and even pajamas. 


So, get going guys and gals. Make your own shirt – a shirt that complements YOU. 


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