Are you Smart Enough to save on your Luxury Car Rentals?


11 Things to know when Renting a Luxury Car

If you are planning to opt for exotic car rentals you are likely to find the prices much higher than your expectations. The reason is no other than the recent pandemic that has left every market in the world devastated beyond measure! 

With rental companies scrambling for existence, a large portion of their fleet had to be sold in the pre-owned cars market, for generating contingency funds required to remain afloat. Now, when the demands have rolled back to normalcy, demand is high but the supply of vehicles is low! As a result, prices have hit the roof. 

Does that mean an exotic car rental in Ronkonkoma, NY will most certainly overshoot your budget? Not really, provided you are aware of the smarter ways to save your precious penny! We look at some important steps to follow, here. 

Clever Ways to Save on your Exotic Vehicle Rentals

  1. Book Seriously Early: Most of us are aware that early bookings do save money, however, what you need to do is book your rental right at the time of booking your flight tickets. That’s what is likely to save you some good money. Booking more than a couple of months in advance will actually provide handsome discounts for sure! Try it to believe it. 
  2. Always look for bookings with Free Cancelations: Oftentimes, your budgets have to be worked on and re-worked as you factor in more and more spending. You may have planned to rent a Lamborghini for your NYC holiday; however, the cumulative cost may not seem all that manageable once the entire holiday has been planned! Make sure you have chosen a rental provider allowing free cancelation for that much-needed flexibility.
  3. Off Airport Rental Locations are Preferred: Of course, availing of rentals right from the airport is so much easier and more convenient. However, if you do adjust your pickup locations to a little distance off the airport, you can actually end up saving substantially. All it will need is a 5-minute journey from your airport terminal! Make sure you ask your exotic car rental providers about these options before choosing your pickups. Even when you factor in your transit charges to the pick-up point, the cost may still seem lower as compared to direct airport pickups in high-end luxury vehicles. 
  4. Do not Book in your Name if you are Below 25: If you are below 25 years of age, your rental charges can be significantly more! Should there be an option, ask someone who is older to book on his name. If you must book in your name, you can consider sites like “hopper” for some great discounts. You can also book here.
  5. Cut down on Insurance Costs if you can: Before you can even check out your luxury vehicle, your agent will be keen on selling all kinds of insurance policies for you including a waiver for collision damage, liability charges, personal effects, personal accident cover, and whatnot. This will be over and above rental charges. What you perhaps do not know is that you already have an accident covered either with your car insurance or along with your health insurance or perhaps even with credit card benefits. Check them. 

Make sure you keep an eye on these facts while looking for exotic car rentals near me


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