Custom Commemorative Coins: The Finest Way to Honor Someone Special


Commemorative coins are a great way to honor someone special who has made an indelible contribution to the world. Let’s say you want to honor your grandmother, who was a loving and supportive role model in your life. You’ll need to decide how you want the coin to represent her legacy. Do you want it to be about her as a mother, or her work ethic? Perhaps she is known for being generous or hard-working? The options are endless! A commemorative coin is a very thoughtful gift for any loved one.

Why Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are an excellent way to honor someone because they’re unique. If you wanted to personally give a commemorative coin to someone, there’s a good chance that they would not be able to buy their own. Also, the number of options and details is endless! Commemorative coins aren’t your ordinary paper or plastic coins, though. Each commemorative coin features artwork which represents the person it represents. The designs are always very impressive and often they are engraved on the edge. It’s an impressive and thoughtful gift to give someone. The only downside is that it’s a little more expensive. Why Commemorative Coins Are Perfect Gifts Commemorative coins are a great way to honor someone who has made an indelible contribution to the world.

How to Honor Someone with a Coin

There are a few key components that you need to consider when you’re making the decision of which commemorative coin to choose. First, it needs to be unique. Do you want to put your coin in a frame and hang it on the wall? A coin that has already been made is not a good option. That is, unless you want to copy a popular design that is already out there and used by thousands of others. It is also a good idea to find something that has a meaning that is special to you and your loved one. We like the concept of “saving someone special” coins, which includes helping out a loved one in need, being a good parent, being a person of integrity, or being supportive.

What Type of Coin Should You Choose?

You may not be able to choose what you’d like your loved one to receive, but you can select the type of coin that you’d like to honor them with. Usually, coins can be purchased at government-approved mints. At these locations, the person who sells the coin has to be able to provide you with a certificate proving the authenticity of the coin. In addition to this, they’ll also require you to pay a small percentage of the sale. The price can range from anywhere from $30 to $200. How to Choose the Right Size of Coin? Your loved one will be surprised to learn that the standard size of a commemorative coin is ½ inch to 3 inches in diameter. You can also purchase a commemorative coin in order to include that person in a sports team or team history.

Choosing the Design for Your Coin

The first step in purchasing a commemorative coin is picking the right design. Typically, you can go with a portrait of your loved one. You can either commission the design yourself, or ask your favorite local artist to create a unique piece. You may even want to make your own commemorative coin, if you are crafty. However, purchasing a commissioned design is the most cost-effective option for most people. The price of creating a commemorative coin can run between $200 and $300. While the cost may seem steep, its money well spent. The quality and accuracy of a commissioned design is unmatched, and the service and support from your artist can make it even more memorable for you.

Getting Your Coins Made

The easiest way to create a commemorative coin is to purchase a large round copper coin. When you order it, you’ll also receive instructions and several photos of the design. Once the coin arrives, you can do the honors of engraving the design onto the top of the coin, then hammering the coin to remove the stamped impression. When it’s time to make a change, simply begin the engraving process all over again. As you get closer to the reverse of the coin, you’ll want to start measuring the width of the coin, which means you’ll need to start grinding the edges. You’ll need to be very careful as you grind, so that you don’t damage the very end of the coin. That’s the beautiful part about these coins – they’re made of actual metal, not plastic.


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