The Best Custom Badge Reels for Your Security Needs


Badge reels are a necessity in the security industry Custom Badge. They’re an easy way to keep your ID on you and readily accessible without being out in the open or risking it getting lost. Badge reels are a favorite of many security professionals, but not all are created equal. When shopping for a new badge reel, there are things to consider. Will you be using it for work on a daily basis? Do you need something durable? What color is best for your needs? Here, is a look at some of the best options available today.

What is a badge reel?

To put it simply, a badge reel is a wallet-sized area that can hold any variety of IDs, badges, credentials, and identification cards. For security professionals and other professionals in a similar field, these essential items should always be in a sealable and waterproof material that prevents theft. It can be necessary to have these on you at all times when working and protecting your property. Beverage + Endo has been making high quality portable card holders for many years. They feature built-in card slots and watertight seals. You can choose from options that protect documents and show information in high quality slides. What can be done with a badge reel? Having a badge in the room can be valuable.

Why use a badge reel?

To use a badge reel, you will need to scan your badge into the badge scanner in your badge holder, or use the machine attached to it. When it scans your badge, the system then applies an internal barcode that can be scanned through a badge reader and used to access or exit the building, even at the entrance. To use the badge system, each person must register his or her badge, so you’ll want to store it somewhere where you can find it on short notice. The machine in the photo above is wired with a barcode scanner, so you can use it to identify other badges or devices on the device. If you’re attending an event and need to access your badge, you’ll need to return to the badge booth, as some venues allow you to scan your badge into the machine before entering.

How to pick the right one?

“The first step is finding the right size,” says Jordan Hirsch, President of West Coast New Media. “The size of a badge (square, square, half-square) determines how much room is inside the reel. Look at the color of the badge you will wear to determine which size will best fit your needs.” White: If you wear a white badge at work, black is not an option. And when you wear your badge outside the workplace, too, white is hard to maintain. Blue: Blue works for business travelers. Unlike white, which tends to fade quickly, blue is a safer choice for many users. However, if you’re a dog handler, or dog-owner, blue is probably not the best choice. Orange: Orange is ideal for badge carriers who aren’t always in the office. However, keep in mind that the color may rub off quickly.

The best custom badge reels for your security needs

Protect Your ID Identity theft is one of the most prevalent crimes today, and for good reason. Your personal and business data can be stolen at any time, and hackers are constantly monitoring Custom Badgethe digital footprint you leave online. To prevent this from happening to you, it’s important that you have good identification. A nice badge reel will protect your identification cards from thieves, and there are some options to choose from, all of which are also stylish. Kickasso Badge Reel, $59.95 Available in several different colors and styles, this reels is a welcome addition to your kit and comes with various card slots, a couple for mementos, and other safety measures built-in.


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