Chandie Yawn Nelson Bio, Life, Career, Marriage, Net Worth 2022


Chandie Yawn Nelson was just an ordinary girl before she got married to an American host and actor – Joey Lawrence. She became famous overnight thanks to her romantic love story. Their story is fascinating as they reunited with each other after thirteen years of break.

Continue reading and find out interesting details about her life and how this beautiful love story happened.

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Early life

A lot of public figures prefer not to reveal facts about their childhood, and Chandie is one of them. Also, she doesn’t have social media profiles, which made her even more interesting for the public eye. However, it is known that Chandie was born in 1975 and that she lived in the United States. She graduated at the Auburn University in Alabama.

Chandie Yawn Nelson Professional career

Chandie started her career in the company named InterCall, which is one of the most significant collaborations and conference service providers. At the time that she was employed, Chandie showed dedication and passion towards her job. However, after the marriage with Joey, Chandie stopped working. Currently, she is dedicated to her husband and two children.

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Marriage with Joey Lawrence

Chandie and Joey have a fascinating love story. The couple met first time in their teen years at the vacation in Disneyland and had an ice-cream date. Afterward, they went on separate ways, and Joey even married another woman, Michelle Vella. In the year of 2015, he got divorced and soon after he was reunited with Chandie. It didn’t past a lot of time, and the couple got engaged. In the interview with YourTango, Joey said that the proposal happened quickly and unexpected during the car drive. The love birds look at each other and decided to get married. The wedding ceremony happened at Disney, the same place where they met.

On May 10, 2006, the couple got their first daughter, Charleston Charli Lawrence. They got another bundle of joy in 2010, one more daughter, Liberty Grace Lawrence. Liberty was born with Rh disease but, luckily, after a month she got better. Joey said that the first month in the hospital was tough for both of the parents. Currently, the couple is in a happy and fulfilling marriage.

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Net Worth 2022

There is no information about the net worth of Chandie, as she is not working at the moment. However, considering that she’s married to the famous actor, Joey, she shares his net worth of $6 million. The couple is enjoying luxury life and wealth.


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