Four Positions For Small Car Sex


Ever since I sold my old Ford Contour, packed all my belongings, and moved to Manhattan, vehicular sex isn’t something I think about much…unless, of course, I’m three sheets to the wind and cabbing it home with my equally intoxicated boyfriend (and even then we’re lucky to have the wherewithal to make it to second base). That said, if I did live in a place where having a car was practical, I’d probably opt for something green (the movement, not the color), being the eco-conscious soul I am. And now, thanks to Treehugger, if I ever find myself in one of those cars, which tend to be on the small side, I’ll know four eco-conscious sex positions designed with compact cars in mind. A guide after the jump.

Position #1: The Passenger Seat Cowgirl: This is perfect for cars with front seats only. The guy should put his seat back as far as it will go. The girl should wear a skirt.

Position #2: Mission Missionary: This is a great position if the front seat of your green car reclines all the way back. The woman can rest her legs on the dash, armrest, or hell, out the window. The guy can rest his legs…ah, who cares; he’s getting laid in a car!

Position #3: Passenger Seat Spooning: If your front seat doesn’t recline very far, try the passenger seat spoon…just make sure you’re, um, opening the right door for him.

Position #4: The When-All-Else-Fails Missionary: This is for those lucky enough to have a backseat. Basically, the girl sits in the back, sliding her hips forward, resting her legs on the front seat backs, while the guy crawls all over the console, finding something — anything — to support his feet and ankles and then hopes to God they can finish up before he throws out his back.


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