Can I remain anonymous if I witness a car accident?

witness a car accident
Bystanders describing the scene of an accident to the police officer

As the statements that you make, can be appropriate to determine the cause of a car accident in the city of Ponka, witnesses, as a rule, should provide their names and contact information.

Car accidents in the city of Ponka, unfortunately, occur on a regular basis. Even if you do not participate directly in the accident or clashes, you can be indirectly involved, testifying about it. Applications regarding what you saw may be vital in police investigations and, when assisting the injured party, receive compensation for their injuries. Although you can prefer to remain anonymous in drawing up a report, the provision of your name and contact information is the best course of action.


What should I do if I witness a car accident in the city of Ponka?


According to the state security office on the highway (OHSO), about 10,000 car accidents in Oklahom takes place every year. They can leave drivers and passengers associated with serious, potentially life -threatening personal injuries, while at the same time leading to the danger of traffic and long -term traffic delays that affect other motorists.


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Car accidents happen not only, but, as a rule, are associated with reckless driving from others. After the consequences. As a witness, you can be shocked and not sure what to do next. The following important steps to follow:


  • Pull your car towards the road and make sure that it does not block movement;
  • Immediately notify the police, providing the location of the crash;
  • Call the ambulance if it seems that someone is seriously injured;
  • As soon as the police arrived, give a statement about what you saw before, during and after a car accident.


Why is the provision of your name and contact information so important


While witnesses may not have problems with a report about a car accident, calling an ambulance or making statements to the police, they often want to do this anonymously. However, as soon as you make a statement to the police, they usually require your name and contact information. In order not to provide this, you may have a temptation to just leave the scene before they arrive.


It is important to admit how useful your statements can be for both the victim and in order to get a potentially dangerous driver from the road. Without your name and contact information, it is impossible to identify you or receive additional statements. In addition, even if you decide to leave, and not provide your name, others could record the number of your license plate. It may not remain at the scene that you had any attitude to the accident, and make the police even more decisive to contact you.


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