Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out For


Social media marketing has become has as big of a playground for marketers or even bigger than digital marketing, of late, which is why you will want to watch out for the latest trends in this space. Knowing what to look out for will allow you to stay ahead of the game whether you are trying to grow your business or improve your marketing services. Options like certainly still have their place, but what else can you go for?

To start with, there are the shifts with regards to influences that you might be interested in, with the big fish seemingly losing their worth as time goes by. You can also start spending your money on more than just PP ads with services that will actually allow you to gain traction in the shortest period of time. Nothing is ever guaranteed, but your chances of success can at least be raised. 

Micro Influences

Even though their foothold in the social media marketing landscape is still strong, there is no denying that influences have now become less of a force than they used to be. As a result, more and more businesses are now turning to internet personalities who have small but dedicated followers.

These are basically the influences who have followers only in the tens of thousands but are true believers in whatever it is they are selling or promoting. In the case of these influences, such services as certainly make a lot of sense. This makes them well worth considering.

Live Streaming

These days, live streaming is no longer optional for businesses that want to succeed, especially those operating in the online realm. Such things as Facebook live are becoming a fiery marketplace for all kinds of live selling practices where users congregate to be first to claim items being offered. Facebook is literally becoming a virtual bazaar in the most literal sense.

With this being the case, you certainly cannot discount the value of such a present and targeted approach at finding customers. The fact that they simply come to you is quite the boon, when you think about it. 

Artificial Intelligence

It would seem that artificial intelligence is permeating the entire online marketplace these days, with increasingly sophisticated machines taking over more and more jobs. Chat bots are among the most compelling examples of how AI is beginning to shape the digital landscape and you can cash in on that while it is still early.

Basically, instead of investing in human customer service personnel to man Social media chat boxes, you can use AI instead. These services will never eat, never sleep and never tire. They can also take over multiple fronts and responsibilities like you would not believe and thus do the job of dozens while paying for only one. 


Finally, we have the options of videos, which is still quite effective even now. The only requirement is that you use it properly, which is to say, that you actually come up with video marketing campaigns that actually work. You have to remember that the internet has forever changed the attention span and tolerance for interesting things of people.

With that being the case, you will have to come up with videos that are not only going to be catchy but will also be short enough for consumption. Keep it at a few seconds, at the most, and cram in as many explosive details as you can. The internet community absolutely loves that kind of thing and when it goes viral, you will know that you hit the jackpot. 


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