7 Resources You’ll Need After a Truck Accident



Any truck accident is a stressful, dangerous experience. Add in a vehicle that is an average of twenty to forty times heavier and larger than the standard passenger car, and you have a situation that is destructive and often deadly. If you have been in a truck accident, you will want to reach out to these people as soon as possible to get their help as a resource towards recovering from your traumatic ordeal. 

  1. Law Enforcement 

Even if there is minor damage and no one is hurt, you want an official police report. Without a police report, you have left a wide opening for disputes and claim denials with the other driver and any insurance company that becomes involved. Any legal advisor, especially a Long Island truck accident attorney, will tell you that this documentation is a crucial part of your case for a settlement or insurance claim. 


Calling 911 or the local emergency hotline can also help you by dispatching law enforcement and this list’s second resource, medical attention. 

  1. Medical Professionals

Injuries do not always show up to the party right away. Delayed trauma or conditions can be just as deadly or disabling as the cuts and bruises that appear right after the crash. Get a professional medical opinion and an official report or diagnosis as soon as possible. Any delay between the accident and a doctor visit might be used in an argument against your compensation claim, so go the same day as the accident. 

  1. Witnesses

Witnesses at the scene of the accident are critical for supporting the true story of what happened. You should get the contact information of anyone around who saw what happened. Make sure to get a full name, phone number, and email. Extra details can help your attorney track down these witnesses and get their testimony should the accident lead to a personal injury lawsuit. 


Your lawyer should be the one to reach out to witnesses and get their statements. Then, they can get accounts signed and made official at the same time. 

  1. Insurance Claim Agent

Calling your insurance agent to get a claim started is a helpful step, but by no means should you make any statements or give them information. Just ask what they will want from you and switch back to intelligence gathering. Insurance companies are looking for any excuse to cast doubt on your claim and deny it, especially if you have been in an expensive accident with a large commercial truck. Use your attorney as a go-between with the insurance company.

  1. Attorney

If you have not already done so, consider getting some legal power in your corner. Attorneys are not just for personal injury lawsuits after a truck accident. They can help you avoid the common pitfalls of making a statement or talking to the wrong people. Even reflexively apologizing to the other driver could be throwing away any hope you have of being compensated for your injuries and damage. 


An attorney should be called before you make an official statement to the police or your insurance company. They can go over your story and make sure your phrasing does not get you into trouble. 

  1. Vehicle Appraiser

 In the same way, your injuries may not show up the day of a crash, vehicular damage can be complex and hard to quantify. Your mechanic is not up to the task of properly determining the expense of extensive damage. And, you should not repair your vehicle until you are sure you will be compensated. A repair estimate from an appraiser will be a useful resource in both your insurance claim and any lawsuits that result from your accident. 

  1. Yourself

While you are contacting all the resources on this list and assembling your team of experts, you can do yourself a huge favor at the same time. Do not speak idly and keep yourself in check. Anger, apologies, accidental lies, and oversharing can all sink your chances of a successful claim or settlement. 


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