Lawyers: Don’t Make These 6 Social Media Mistakes


Social media presence has become vital in the digital age. Many law firms use social media to connect with prospective clients and share legal information with the world. 

It’s quite essential to indulge in legal marketing, but you have to avoid inevitable social media mistakes. Some law firms get into serious trouble when they commit mistakes on social media. As a professional, you are responsible for not letting your firm fall into a deep pit. 

Here are six social media mistakes you must avoid as a lawyer. Following trends is fine but getting into trouble is bad for your practice’s reputation. 

Six Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Shouldn’t Make  

1. No more hashtag misuse and abuse  

Hashtags started with Twitter, but now people are using them on Instagram and other social media platforms. Well, hashtags are great for reaching the masses and starting a conversation. But, if you are not careful, these hashtags can easily backfire. 

Ideally, you should use only two or three hashtags. When you use too many hashtags, it makes your post look unprofessional. It may also lead to you getting spam followers. Choose a phrase carefully. If you use something too controversial, people may unfollow you. In worse cases, some social media users might even point the finger at you. 

2. Commenting on controversial topics and events 

As a legal firm, you have the right to share your expert opinion, but you should avoid being too rigid or too opinionated. There is a risk of losing potential clients, mainly when their view differs from yours. If your argument is not in sync with their present case, they might find another firm. So, avoid posting personal opinions on politics and other controversial issues. 

3. Giving juicy details about ongoing cases

Social media is not regulated as of now. Since it’s free of cost, people don’t have a filter. They post whatever they like without having any expert knowledge. As a legal firm, you have expert opinions but avoid making sweeping statements.

Did you know that a Kentucky Judge was reprimanded for leaving comments about a pending murder case? There are certain judicial ethical rules that you need to abide by. As a law professional, be aware of those laws and not get carried away on social media. 

4. Reposting images without permission 

The world is filled with people who are waiting to get offended by something. Well, as a law firm, you might like certain quotes/videos/images but do not repost them without the creator’s permission. 

If you like a particular video or image on someone else’s profile, make sure you take permission before reposting it or sharing it on your social media handle. You never know who takes offense and files a case against you. 

Posting without the content creator’s permission can harm your credibility. So, do the right thing! 

5. Using blurred and low-quality images 

There was a New Zealand law firm that got called out for using a photoshopped image. As a law firm, you need to ensure that you are using only high-res images. They should not be blurred or photoshopped. If you want to edit a picture, hire a professional to edit it. Don’t use your basic editing skills to edit the image. 

6. Asking for client feedback 

Here’s an unrelated but valid story: A patient reached out to their treating doctor and shared their COVID symptoms. The doctor gave his opinion and asked the patient to leave feedback (they mentioned it twice). The consultation lasted two to three minutes, and the doctor ‘asked’ for the positive feedback. 

The patient left negative feedback saying that the doctor was in a rush and just needed feedback to gain more patients. Never force your clients to leave feedback. If your work is excellent, a client will leave feedback anyway. 

If you are confident about your followers’ opinion about your law firm, then you can certainly ask them politely to leave feedback. Never commit the mistake to ASK for feedback if you are unsure about their opinion. 

Summing up


We understand that a law firm requires a strong social presence. But don’t make these mistakes, as you are most likely to lose followers. If you want a strong social media presence, consider using professional Facebook advertising for law firms. 

There are more than 1.8 billion Facebook profiles. Marketing your law firm on Facebook can be beneficial. Please remember that you need to indulge in content marketing to gain followers. By posting relevant content, people will see you as a subject matter expert. 

So, if you want to shine bright on social media, use the right platform (Facebook), stop committing the usual mistakes, and write relevant content for your followers to read. 


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