10 Most Underrated Soccer Players in 2022


In a soccer match, each position has a specific function for the team. While most players stick to the fundamentals, others will amaze you with their incredible talents, which is what we long for in games. However, if they play for unpopular teams, they frequently go unrecognized. So, today we’ll present the ten most underappreciated soccer players this year.

Who are the 10 Most Underrated Soccer Players in 2022?

  1. Christopher Nkunku

It is noteworthy that this outstanding RB Leipzig midfielder defeated Manchester City with a hat-trick of goals. Given that Christopher Nkunku hasn’t played for a senior team. This French soccer player was not noticed despite possessing exceptional energy and skills.

  1. Domenico Berardi

This Italian soccer player gained entry into Serie A due to his exceptional play with Sassuolo in Serie B. If you’re watching soccer games across all leagues, you may know that he led his team in goals scored, earning him the Bravo Award in the end.

Domenico Berardi is a fantastic player, but he has to be recognized so that soccer fans may appreciate his skill.

  1. Luis Muriel

The “Serie A Best Young Revelation Award” was given to Colombian soccer star Luis Muriel because of his outstanding abilities. He is also one of the players who should be on the list of the most underappreciated players this year because the perception of well-known star players frequently overshadows him.

Sevilla and Florentina are two soccer clubs where he has previously established himself. Only his consistency and skills allowed for all these club transfers. Although he meets the requirements for a great soccer player, it’s time to give him more attention.

  1. Juan Cuadrado

Juan Cuadrado, a fantastic underestimated Colombian player, is yet another name on the list. He is renowned for his incredible dribbling abilities, which are impressive. He went unrecognized, nonetheless, among the group of all-star players.

In addition to playing as a defender most of the time, Juan Cuadrado has also taken part in games as a right winger, wing-back, offensive defender, and many more positions. He also belonged to several clubs, and he was a member of the Copa America winning team. Additionally, he represented his team in the world cups in 2014 and 2018.

  1. Filip Kostic

You may have seen the name Filip Kostic if you frequently monitor soccer player stats. This left-winger from Serbia possesses a wide range of fluid soccer abilities. He has yet to achieve the status of becoming a top soccer player, though. Why not, then?

Given that he has made such tremendous contributions to his clubs, it is impressive that Filip Kostic just made his soccer debut at the age of 17. Udinese and Hotspur are two notable clubs where his influence was crucial to the team’s success. He played for the Serbian soccer team in the 2018 World Cup and made his international debut in 2015.

  1. Andreas Christensen

Andreas Christensen is one of the most aerially dominant soccer players, but he hasn’t quite broken through. This Danish soccer player played as a center-back for Chelsea, a dominant soccer club. However, he was hardly allowed to demonstrate his abilities or even counted among the playing eleven.

He has an excellent level of maturity, and anybody who knows him is aware of how intimidating he can be to his rivals when he’s on the field. But it’s challenging to stand out in the Premier League because there are so many famous players.

  1. Gerard Moreno

One of those who had exceptional consistency throughout La Liga this season is Gerard Moreno. Nevertheless, this incredible Spanish striker found himself on the regrettable list. He possesses astonishing soccer talents and can play both full-back and center-back, depending on the squad’s needs.

He presently plays for Villarreal in La Liga and is one of the essential members of Spain’s National Team.

  1. Lucas Hernandez

A further fantastic figure who still has to become well-known is Lucas Hernandez. Lucas is currently a member of Bayern Munich, a team that only accepts players with the best qualities. Additionally, he made appearances at the 2018 FIFA World Cup and helped his team win several titles, including the UEFA Champion League Final in 2016 and the Europa League in 2018.

Despite his participation in such memorable events, he is renowned for his extraordinary abilities. Sadly, he has yet to contribute to his team’s goals.

  1. Danny Ings

Danny Ings is another player on our list who is underappreciated. This English soccer player is currently a member of the Aston Villa team. However, if you have previously followed Liverpool soccer games, you could be familiar with him.

Unfortunately, his luck did not favor him, and his injuries dominated the conversation during his time in Liverpool. In 2015, Danny Ings replaced the legendary Harry Kane in his first outing for the England National Team.

  1. Raphael Guerreiro

Raphael Guerreiro primarily performs left-back or left-midfield duties for Borussia Dortmund and Portugal’s national team. If you’ve seen Dortmund’s past soccer matches, you saw how he helped his club win multiple championships, which qualifies him as a top candidate for the list of rising stars.

If you’ve read this far, remember that many other underappreciated soccer players aren’t recognized by name. As you can see, the majority of these undervalued athletes have played for their national teams while still waiting to receive the attention they deserve. Therefore, they are among the most underappreciated soccer players of 2022 with such talent.


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