Why is the role of a text localization manager important?


 localization manager Being engaged in business development, many are thinking about expanding and opening new branches abroad. This is a great idea, but a major language problem can arise along the way. Not only do you just need to translate the text, but it also needs to be adapted and localized for a potential audience. Companies like Pangea Global provide a wide range of services, including certified high-quality localization by native speakers.

Translation bureaus can help you get rid of unnecessary nerves, problems, wasted time, and health. Localization is very different from regular translation, even though it is about the same thing at first glance. Localization goes beyond pure text translation; it delves deeper into the cultural impact it could have on an international and, why not, local audience.  This is why localization is handled exclusively by a linguist who has deep knowledge in this area. check it:


Translation agencies employ only the best professionals in their field. They conduct multiple checks and tests to select the best linguists and native speakers who can localize the content of any complexity. Having the best linguists in their team, translation agencies can guarantee the high quality of the work performed. The linguists’ team is run by a manager whose task is complete control over the linguists. He monitors the process and suggests some nuances from the very beginning of the project until its very completion. The manager touches base on all the critical workflow stages with the client’s team, ensuring the project runs smoothly from start to finish. In doing so, the manager takes full ownership of the project and ensures its successful delivery.


For over 10 years, Pangea Global has been offering translation, adaptation and localization services. Choosing a bureau for a certified high-quality translation, Pangea Global suits all the parameters of a highly qualified translation services provider. Contact us to find out more.


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