Why do Elder People Tend to Have Weaker Teeth?

Elder People Tend to Have Weaker Teeth
Caucasian woman suffering from terrible toothache at a dental clinic. Dentist preparing for the examination of her female client with painful cavities.

As you advance in years, you need to remember that even other parts of your body, including your teeth, are aging. The other aspect worth noting is that as age sets in, most human body parts become weak with a reduction of their effectiveness. In addition, older people are prone to diseases that weaken their immune systems and bones that support critical tissues in the body, such as the eyes and teeth. Therefore, as you celebrate your birthdays, always remember that age is catching up with you, and the energy you possess will ultimately reduce.

Elder people and weak teeth are common phenomena affecting people of all origins. In other words, whether you are white or black, the moment age starts catching up with you, you will not evade the art of having weak teeth for the following reasons.

Prone to Diseases that weaken Bones and Muscles

As age sets in, some health conditions are hard to evade. For instance, if someone was obese at a tender age, there are higher chances of developing lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Other diseases that are likely to affect people in their old age include arthritis. Most of these conditions affect the reabsorption of calcium ions from the food. Therefore, the jawbones become weaker as one gets old, weakening teeth. 

Gum Diseases

Most gum diseases and cavity development occurs with time. In other words, some gum diseases start at a tender age and become full brown when one is advanced in years. Most of these diseases cause the enamel to be weak, making the teeth more breakable. With time, teeth develop cavities that usually weaken the roots that enhance teeth’ attachment in one`s buccal cavity. Some gum diseases become adamant even after taking medications. Such conditions are common among older adults and account for a more significant percentage of people with weak tea, especially at their end-of-life stages.

Bacteria Accumulation

As you get old, the level of immunity tends to lower. In addition, more bacteria may start accumulating in areas such as the mouth. In addition, as one gets aged, effective brushing or flossing of teeth becomes an issue. Some older adults forget efficiently even conducting daily chores, including brushing their teeth. This aspect increases the accumulation of bacteria that tend to escalate the development of diseases or cavities that weakens one’s teeth.

Tooth Extraction

It is hard to find a person with 32 teeth at their old age. You may even meet a person with less than 25 teeth at old age. If you follow up with their stories, you will identify that the teeth that were extracted followed a particular trend. The aspect means that as your dentist works on removing a tooth with a cavity, there are higher chances of weakening adjacent teeth. If three or four teeth are extracted from different positions, more teeth enamel will be injured, and the teeth tend to be weaker.

Bottom Line

Age comes with many changes that we all need to embrace and lead a positive life. For instance, as you advance in years, you become more prone to diseases that might even affect your teeth.


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