Why Digital Marketing is Important for Charities


Any successful business knows how important digital marketing is, but did you know that the exact same applies to charities? Digital marketing enables you to reach every corner of the globe, whether this is to entice customers or donors. As far as a charity is concerned, awareness is incredibly important, as this is the most important feature of obtaining donations. Thankfully, various digital marketing tools are available to grow and leverage any non-profit.

On top of this, digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, as well as the most capable of reaching wider audiences. Read on to discover just how important digital marketing is to charities

It Delivers Your Message to Your Donors

Perhaps one of the most important factors for charities is the deliverance of a message to their donors. With the help of digital marketing, charities are able to directly contact their donors via email, creating a more personal experience and making someone more inclined to donate.

Target audiences are important for any organization, and non-profits are no exception. Digital marketing allows you to create a customized message that appeals to your target audience and provides them with exclusive information. If your charity doesn’t only appeal to one target audience, you can segment your donors into certain lists, so that they’re receiving the most appropriate emails. 

It Makes Readers Interact More

One digital marketing method known as retargeting works to attract users and entice them to visit the site repeatedly. This is all about looking at your bounce rates, which refers to the number of site visitors that exit before making a donation. The process of retargeting can help you retain these bounced visitors. 

Typically speaking, retargeting uses a third-party service that analyses your visitors’ preferences. For instance, you may start to retarget people that have once displayed interest in a certain social media post. This is a common method, as people are often exposed to charities via their social media ads and feed. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Increases Traffic 

PPC is all about driving traffic to your site, which is where most charities will gain most of their donations. Google Grants is a great PPC tool for charities due to the fact that users are provided with up to $10,000 a month in PPC advertising, without investing a large sum of money. This is ideal for charities, as their budgets are often extremely restricted. Not only does Google Grants allow you to promote your organization, but it also facilitates you in keyword research, making your digital marketing strategies more effective. Furthermore, it’s the ideal tool for analyzing user behavior, which is vital when it comes to bounce rates. 

Video Marketing Engages Viewers

The majority of businesses are favoring video marketing over any other form of digital marketing, as it is one of the most interactive methods. When it comes to encouraging donations, interaction is key, as the donor must feel addressed before they give their money away. Whether your site has a video section, or you create a YouTube channel for the charity, videos are incredibly effective in engaging your donors. In fact, simply stating the word “video” can improve click-through rate by as much as 19%. Especially for charities, videos are all about provoking an emotional response, as they need to feel connected to the message before they donate. 

Backlinks Build Authority

There’s no denying that the website is the most important digital marketing feature for any charity, as this is the first place anyone will go to obtain information and essentially donate.

Despite this, the smorgasbord of websites already out there mean that authority for your site needs to be built, which is best achieved through the use of backlinks. 


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