When Was The Kalimba Invented?



Hugh Tracey, kalimba invented in the 1960s. Tracey enjoyed the sound of mbiras he heard when living in what is now Zimbabwe, but he wanted to make a modification that would work better with Western music.

Who invented the kalimba?

‘The earliest kalimbas were invented some 3000 years ago in West Africa in present-day Cameroon, entirely of plant materials such as bamboo,’ writes Gerhard Kubik in his 1998 book Kalimba, Nsansi, Mbira: Lamellophone in Afrika[2].

What is the kalimba’s history?

The thumb piano, commonly known as a kalimba or mbira (or a variety of other names), is an African instrument. It belongs to the idiophone family of instruments, which means that its sound is mostly created by the instrument vibrating without the need for strings or membranes.


When did the kalimba become well-known?

The Mbira, sometimes known as the Kalimba, gained popularity in the 1960s and early 1970s, owing to the success of performers such as Maurice White of Earth, Wind, and Fire & Thomas Mapfumo. Mbira was performed on stage with modern rock instruments such as electric guitar and bass by these performers.

Is the kalimba an Indian instrument?

The Kalimba is an African musical instrument made out of a hardwood board with connected staggered metal tines produced by an Indian Awarded Artisan. It is played by holding the instrument in one’s hands and plucking the tines with one’s thumbs.

What is the origin of the kalimba?

THE KALIMA is a modernized version of the African mbira. It can be played individually or in conjunction with singers, musicians, and dancers. Hugh Tracey moved from England to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the 1920s to assist his older brother with a tobacco farm. The local music scene piqued his interest.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a kalimba?


Is a Kalimba Worth the Money? A kalimba is well worth everything you can throw at it. When you consider how much instrument you get for a very small amount of money, as well as the effort involved, they are excellent value for money. You won’t be able to put this little darling down once you get your hands on it.

Is it difficult to play the kalimba?

It’s no secret that the kalimba is one of the most simple instruments to learn. You won’t have hundreds of keys, and you won’t have to master intricate chords and scales like you would on a traditional piano. This implies that even beginners with a smidgeon of musicality may learn to play something in minutes.

When and where did the kalimba have its start?

The indigenous kalimba that inspired the instrument detailed here is said to have been created some 1,000 years ago in Zimbabwe. Strips of iron that resemble lamellae have been found in Kumadzulo, Zambia, and have been indirectly dated to 500-700 CE.

What are the materials used to make kalimba tines?

What is the composition of Kalimba Tines? Almost all kalimba tines are made of some kind of metal. Steel is the most frequent metal, yet we may occasionally find ‘Ore’ mentioned as an example, which is implausible but appears to be used as a generic name for any metal.



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