What’s the difference between Lynda and LinkedIn Learning?


Do you want to know what distinguishes Lynda from LinkedIn Learning? We know that looking for it online can produce some extremely perplexing results, but we are here to assist you.

What distinguishes Lynda from LinkedIn Learning, then? They are the same, is the short answer. Lynda.com was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015, and it took three years to integrate its offerings into LinkedIn Learning.

The entirety of Lynda.com’s history, playlists, and certificates was migrated to LinkedIn Learning. In fact, if you go to Lynda.com and sign up for a free trial, LinkedIn Learning will be your new destination.

Do you want to learn more? Let’s quickly compare and contrast Lynda and LinkedIn Learning after giving each organization a brief introduction.

Learning on Lynda vs. LinkedIn – What is the distinction?

As an online resource for Lynda Weinman’s books and courses as a special effects animator and multimedia lecturer, Lynda was established in 1995. She established the digital arts school alongside her husband, Bruce Heavin.

By 2002, the business had started providing online courses and was a major success, providing more than 3500 courses. The video format and various user interfaces, like Lynda’s content catalog, were also incredibly popular. In business and financial research, the founder’s and the website’s success story continues to be a hot topic.

One day, LinkedIn, a business known for creating millions of jobs, realized it wanted to get into the online education space. As a result, it bought Lynda and started giving online professional courses. LinkedIn is now one of the most widely used platforms for learning and skill development because it has over 1,500 courses available.

When Lynda was acquired by LinkedIn, many already-enrolled students were perplexed about their courses and personal information. After a three-year transitional period, LinkedIn has upgraded Lynda.com’s functionality into LinkedIn Learning, a considerably more sophisticated platform for professional learning.

Let’s examine the improvements and modifications LinkedIn has made to Lynda.com.

What have been changed regarding the curriculum and courses?

An unique collection of premier courses taught by specialists in languages like English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese was available to Lynda.com subscribers. Through its lyndaEnterprise, lyndaLibrary, lyndaCampus, lyndaPro, and lyndaKisok offerings, Lynda also offered services to businesses, organizations, and governmental organizations.

Lynda has a huge library of excellent courses and offers training in a variety of professions. All of Lynda’s courses were made available in LinkedIn Learning when LinkedIn acquired Lynda and changed its name to LinkedIn Learning. All Apple and Android apps that let you download course materials for offline usage are likewise affected by this.

Compared to Lynda, LinkedIn Learning offers more course subjects. While both platforms provide courses in business, technology, and the arts, LinkedIn Learning offers a wider range of subjects, including soft skills, project management, and leadership, to mention a few. Additionally, by combining Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn significantly increased its reach.

You will be redirected to LinkedIn if you are currently logged into Lynda.

For many users, the transition to LinkedIn has been made easier by the transfer of all login information.

How Does the User Experience Compare?

Lynda and LinkedIn Learning offer quite distinct user experiences. Unlike Lynda, which just offered educational content, LinkedIn Learning also offers a more polished learning environment.

Let’s discuss the variations in user experience.

  • User experience: LinkedIn Learning has done a great job of offering a far more up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing user experience than Lynda. It is simple to use and has a straightforward design. Because the course material is presented in an interesting way with excellent videos, transcripts, quizzes, and activities, people like it.
  • Social Features: The integration with LinkedIn is one of LinkedIn Learning’s biggest advantages versus Lynda. Users of LinkedIn Learning can connect with other professionals, follow thought leaders in their fields who inspire them, and join relevant forums and organizations. All of this broadens the learner’s contact with the professional world and aids in helping them land their ideal position.
  • Learning Map: Based on their choices, career goals, and skill levels, LinkedIn Learning offers users more streamlined, tailored learning maps. Lynda.com lacked this function.

Lynda provided a monthly or yearly subscription-based pricing structure. LinkedIn offers the same service, but in addition to paying a monthly fee, you may also pay per course. On LinkedIn, you can also locate free classes and sign up for a free trial that lasts a month to test out the features.

Questions and Answers Regarding Lynda vs. LinkedIn

There may be some misunderstanding regarding how Lynda and LinkedIn Learning operate as a result of the merger of two well-known platforms with quick growth rates, and many issues need to be addressed.

1. Has Lynda.com vanished?

both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ Everything that was previously offered on Lynda.com is now included in LinkedIn Learning, along with a lot more wonderful things that you are going to adore.

2. Can I use Lynda without a LinkedIn account?

Although this option was once available, Lynda is presently not usable without LinkedIn. If you visit Lynda.com and register, LinkedIn Learning will be the next page you see.

3. Are certificates and learning histories going to be transferred to Linked in Learning?

Yes! Every piece of information and credential from an active Lynda account has been migrated to LinkedIn Learning, including certificates, histories, and billing details. Many users will find it simpler to move because all login information has been transferred to LinkedIn.

4. Is the price of Linked in Learning Worth It?

Yes, without a doubt. A certified LinkedIn Learning credential is valued by many businesses and professionals. An wonderful resource for developing new skills or keeping up with the times is LinkedIn Learning. You may draw recruiters to your LinkedIn profile by emphasizing your accomplishments, which will help you develop your career.

Choose Wisely for Your Online Learning

Making the appropriate decision is crucial in the era of expanding online learning. If you want to learn or improve any skill, LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda.com, may be your constant mentor and a never-ending source of knowledge.

You’ll be motivated to give it a try straight away by the success of Lynda.com and the constantly growing LinkedIn Learning.



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