What to write in a get well soon card?


The custom of sending get well soon cards to friends, family members, or coworkers after they become ill or are injured is one of the many morale-boosting customs that can keep individuals smiling — or even laughing — as they heal. 

As a result, spending time considering what to include in a get well soon card is worthwhile.

You’re in luck if you’re having trouble deciding what to write in get well soon ecards

We’ve compiled a list of simple, funny and playful get well soon wishes to aid you in coming up with suitable phrases and wordplay to lighten the atmosphere. These messages may be exactly what your group ecards call for.

Witty get well soon messages

If someone in your life is a little under the weather, you’ll want to bring the sunshine back into their life. Although, you might not know what to write in get well soon cards – and that’s fine because we do. 

For the class clown in your life, we’d recommend sending some witty messages like these:


  • Can you get well soon, please? You’re stealing my limelight.
  • Hey, at least it’s not chlamydia!
  • Sorry to hear you’re not well! We’re keeping a tally of the rounds you’ve not bought at the pub.
  • Please don’t die, my diary is really busy at the moment.
  • Just to let you know, I’m only being nice to you because you’re ill.
  • It’s for times like this that the universe gave us YouTube and endless cat videos. Get well soon!
  • I’m really sick of you being sick!
  • Thought about coming to visit you but I really don’t want what you’ve got, thanks.
  • Got to say, you’re using up a lot of sick days that could have been useful for hangovers!
  • I asked everyone to sign your get well soon card, but they’ve all forgotten who you are…


You’re all set. So, check out our range of cheeky get well soon ecards or group greeting cards to lift their spirits, then scroll down (or type out) one of our carefully considered, wonderfully witty messages inside.

Caring get well soon messages

With a get well soon card, you want to show the person in your life how much you care, which can be easily portrayed with a sweet little message from the heart.

We’ve put our heads together to help you write the perfect caring get well soon messages:

  • These are tough times, but better days are coming! I’ll be here for you no matter what.
  • Just to let you know we are all thinking of you and wishing you a fast and full recovery.
  • There’s nothing that someone as strong as you cannot overcome. We’re all with you on your road to recovery.
  • Sorry, I can’t be there to give you all the hugs that you’re getting in my mind!
  • We’re all rooting for you as you bounce back to full health. You got this!
  • Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
  • Thinking of you every day while you work your way back to health.
  • Can’t wait to see you back on your feet, smiling and happy again!
  • You’ve always been a source of strength for me in tough times, and I’m sure that same strength will have you back to full health in no time.
  • Glad to hear your surgery went well. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.


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