What is Binance and review ?


It is a global exchange There are over 2000 members 100% fees are paid out to users There is no commission at all

You can only purchase one of 5 cryptocurrencies (IOTA, EOS, STEEM, BIDU and NEO)

It is very high profile. They are quite well known in the blockchain community.

Due to the 100% fee structure they have a massive trading volume. As well as they have investment in cryptocurrencies.

As for this project. It will be a major step for blockchains.

It is working on a hybrid blockchain and have 6 integrated apps.

The binance.com reviews Exchange and blockchain will have many use cases. One of the biggest is trading and moving tokens and securities.

Will your coin be listed ?

This will depend on the ICO. If it is successful they are looking to launch their coin as a token on Binance.

Thing is, they are not considering making coin an offer on the exchange. To me that is quite common practice with a token.

They are planning to do a first and only ICO and then the rest of the ICO will come with their coins.

However it is not the plan to list on the exchange right away.

They will be seeking external investment as well as looking at this ICO and the project.

This has a few benefits and might be a great ICO for investors.

The demand will come from investors, they will likely attract venture capitalists and angel investors too.

The development team also will be helping you in the project. This is unusual for an ICO, as they will have an input on how the platform develops.

They have the backing of Blockland, Cofound.it, Binance sign up bonus, Ledger, Bloq, EOS and many other tech companies

This is a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to make a profit, as it is well worth it to get in early.

Thing is there are no returns unless you invest into other projects or wait and get in on this.

How can I buy a BNB ?

Now that you know what Binance is, and how it works you can start your own pre-sale and then your ICO.

Binance Pre-sale (10 May 2017)

If you like to invest in Binance I would recommend this pre-sale.

It is small and very fast. It is $250,000 USD and 60,000 people registered on it.

The team managed to do it in a month.

Note they made $60,000 USD in cryptocurrency in the month they were pre-selling.

This is why you do not want to invest early, it will make you cry


This is a more difficult way to invest in Binance.

It is one of the biggest ICO projects in the market.

It has raised $10 million.

As well as that they raised $2 million last year. They also have a popular ICO giving away 10% of the team.

So they do very well on their own.

They do not however list coins on the exchange.

They are looking to do this after the ICO.

For the moment though you can buy it on their website or if you register at one of the pre-sales you will receive a wallet number.

Now you need to download the Binance wallet and then transfer the currency to there.

You can also buy on exchanges such as btc38 or iomart or rippled or even Crypto Space.

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