What happened to Latarian Milton? Is he serving jail sentence?


Latarian Milton, born in 2000, is popularly known for being an adolescent lawbreaker. Latarian Milton stole his grandmother’s truck when he was just the age of seven. Then Milton went on a road rage binge via Palm Beach, Florida, which caused damage to several properties. 

Early Life And Education

Latarian was born to his parent on 30 September 2000 and raised in Palm Beach, USA. His mother’s name is Sheneequa, and his father’s name is not known yet. He is an African-American by identity and American by nationality.

Sheneequa, his mom, gave birth to him when she was only 16. So, his grandmother Zikkita Stratford raised him. He completed his secondary education at John F. Kennedy Middle School, located in Riviera Beach, Florida, in June 2015.

Top 10 Facts About Latarian Milton

  1. Latarian Milton’s mother had him at a very young age and could not take up the responsibility of bringing him up could be why he turned out this way.
  2. There are no records of latarian having any siblings, so we believe he is an only child.
  3. He is single and unmarried. Furthermore, there is no information as concerns his relationship life.
  4. Latarian got mad at his mother for not allowing him to smoke and redirected his anger to a car theft and driving at a very high speed.
  5. Things scarcely changed for him as he finalized middle school in 2015; the media covered him for an admirable purpose on his graduation day.
  6. In 2017, Latarian made headlines for stealing his grandmother’s automobile. Palm Seashore County Police investigated him for a different cause.
  7. One time, after Latarian hit his grandma for shining him, the Riviera Beach police picked him up from home, took him to the hospital, and subjected him to a mental evaluation.
  8. Currently, the court charges against him are the same as that of an adult.
  9. Latarian stated that “it’s fun to do bad things,” a statement that turned out to be an infamous quote in memes.
  10. His Mother, Sheneequa, is a chain smoker.

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The young adult doesn’t do anything for now and is still under his guardian’s care schooling. However, in The BoondocksThe whole scheme motivated an episode of the TV adult animated action-comedy series The Boondocks named “Smokin with Cigarettes.” Lamilton Taeshawn, the main protagonist, played a parodic mythical sociopath and violent youth. He was formerly based on Latarian Milton.

The Souls of Latarian Milton
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Personal Life

Hood Rat’ Stuff

Presently, Latarian Milton is 22 years old. Sadly, we have no information about his biological father on the internet yet. In Latarian earlier years, his grandmother Zikkita Stratford took care of him for a significant part of his childhood. But, by the age of 7, the young boy got involved in smoking and bad habits. He developed a criminal mentality and mindset and started to love and enjoy crime from age 7.

Latarian Milton attracted the spotlight of the media in April 2008 was he took his grandmother’s Dodge Durango. He went apace with a friend who carried out a ‘joyride’ through the streets of Palm Beach, which resulted in two seven-year-olds cruising in an SUV to cause severe damage to a bunch of assets. The boys rushed over two mailboxes and hit two parked cars in a Costco parking lot. The boys showed no remorse for their ill behavior, so he went viral in all media.

The reportage of the accident, covered by the West Palm Beach News Station WPBF, covered the reportage after the accident. Latarian Milton claimed his mother, who was a chain smoker, got him angry and that he wished to smoke cigarettes and do hoodrat stuff with a friend. He also insisted that he liked doing it because doing worse things is fun.

Due to this selfhood, it became so weird to clarify and excuse his acts. His video went viral. It became an internet sensation overnight and spawned a large number of memes. Furthermore, It motivated a lot of mash-ups and remixes, which all led to featuring his famous quote and earned him the name tag of hood rat moniker.

Latarian Milton Strikes Again

Just two months after the accident in June 2008, Latarian got the media’s attention once again. He beat his grandmother in Lake Park Wal-Mart because she refused to buy him ‘some chicken wings.’ This time he went through custody, After which he went to the hospital to go through a mental evaluation and checkup. 

Suppose that all would work out when he began his secondary education to change his life. He joined the school’s football team, after which he would further his schooling by studying engineering or even joining the US Navy. However, Latarian proved everything wrong. In August 2017, he booked a Lyft ride with a couple of friends, and he robbed the driver, jerked him out of the car, and drove away. He has become Infamous for his crazy mischief from way back.

During a conversation, Latarian had with the media revealed his plans to pursue football at the national level. In addition, he also affirmed that he would continue his studies. Also, he mentioned that he would join an engineering college or join US Navy if professional football would not work for him.

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Latarian involves himself in the carjacking

Again, the neighbourhood, his parents, and his family friends assumed that Latarian Milton had finally turned on a new leaf and was now a wise and ideal man. Some things happened that made him worse, such as the security charged him again for carjacking. 

The Lyft driver explained that he picked up a woman and four men, including Milton. After dropping the other woman at a house, the man in the car asked him to take them to another location. But he rejected the request. They didn’t make their demand through the app. Out of the four men, Joseph’s name compelled the driver at gunpoint and got him out of the car. Then, he wrapped his jacket, wallet, and iPhone. After which, Latarian took possession of the driver’s seat and drove away. Eventually, the police apprehended him, arrested and charged him with carjacking and robbery.

Social Media

Latarian is very much active on social media. He is available on Twitter and has a page on Facebook. His account on Twitter has around 149 followers; on Instagram, he has about 123 followers. On Facebook, he has over 5k followers. But, currently, he is no longer available on the Facebook page.

Latest News

Latarian got arrested and charged with robbery and carjacking. Furthermore, the law sent him to a juvenile detention centre after several court dates. Until 2021, Latarian Milton is serving a jail penalty and is waiting for the final verdict, which will end up with a 15-year-long jail sentence.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Latarian Milton’s net worth isn’t known. After evaluating his present situation, he likely will be either plus or minus zero. However, some online fans reportedly said he is worth about $100. 


Latarian is currently serving his term in prison, and the authorities and his parents look forward to him becoming a better person when he comes out of the correctional centre. We also hope that he will learn his lesson well while in prison and change his bad habits. Also Read


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