What are the features of IMO?


Here we are talking about what are the features of IMO. We all love to use instant messengers as they make our lives easier. Nowadays, there are several different instant messengers which are popular among peoples. One of the popular instant messengers is IMO. Imo is especially popular for its voice and video calling features. But Imo’s Feature is not only limited to these. 

There are many other cool features that why most people love this messenger. When you chat with your friends on Imo there are different symbols and icons which you can see. There also some meaning to this icon. Some definitions are Imo one tick means that the message got from your phone to Imo. 

I double tick means that got from Imo to the other person’s phone. My blue circle indicates that the other person reads the message. There are some features of the IMO app which are given below:

Imo Feature for Contact Status: 

If you want to find out your contact’s online status, you need to pay attention to the icon color that the Imo messenger uses. The green, orange, and red colors show your contact status. A green icon means that your contact is online and available. The orange icon shows that your connection is idle, and the red icon tells you that your communication is away. 

Imo Features: 

  • This app provides a simple, easy, and clean environment that can store the user account details to log in quickly. 
  • You can automatically sign in to your account.
  • Imo app allows you to access multiple chat clients at a single time.
  • Imo also allows enjoying group chats. 
  • You can enjoy sharing photos in groups
  • In Imo, you also have an option to store, browse, and search your chat history. 
  • You can also share your images, music, and other files. 
  • Imo app allows the user to voice instant messages to record your message and send easily instead of typing the text. 
  • You can also share videos with your friends, family, and another person you want to share. 
  • You can also use cool stickers on Imo messages. 
  • You can also make a group of your friends connect with all. 
  • You can make a video call with your friends with good quality. 
  • You can make audio calls as well. 
  • You can also create stories using pictures and videos, same as you can do with WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • You can also select whom you want to share your story. 
  • The significant feature is that the app is connected to your phone number to use on tablets without needing a sim card.
  • If you want to search for something in Imo, you can search your data for a particular keyword.
  • The app allows you to send and receive the message even if you are offline.  
  • The Imo app also allows you to delete past messages. 

How to Use Imo Features: 

The main Feature of Imo that attracts most people is its high-quality video calling Feature. This app also allows you to make group video calls. Imagine that Imo features end here, then you are wrong because Imo has so many features. Imo messenger has a user interface that helps users get things done on the Imo with minimum difficulty. IMO also allows users to chat in groups. 

The group chat is the best way to have fun with your friends and family. You can also use Imo to share your photos and videos and tell your friends what you have been up to. The most important and best Feature that Imo provides is that it allows you to connect and sync different accounts. You can easily connect to your friends on Skype, Facebook, aim, my space, yahoo through the IMO interface. 


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