What are the effects of Texting?


It is a common saying that a man is a social animal. He needs to interact with other people. Being social mean you have to made links with other people. A man cannot live alone in this society. All humans need to communicate with other people. Today we have a number of means to communicate with other people. There are 2 main categories of communication, the one in which we talk in real with other and second in which we do virtual communication.

The second form of communication is considered very important in this modern world, because we are all surrounded with the modern technology. Virtual communication has great impact on our lives. See, look at you, you are currently reading this article. This is also a form of virtual communication. 

Another form of communication is texting which this modern generation is most familiar with this type of communication. Texting is considered as a type of virtual communication. Firstly let us clear what we actually mean by texting here. By texting we can convey our idea or our message in the form of short and simples texts. Currently we are living in a very busy world where people don’t have time for long communications. Look at you, we all agree with this. People are short of time. 

Along with shortness of time, we all are too lazy. This laziness has come to us by the technological social animal devices for example the computers and mobiles. We are too lazy that we just type “K” instead of okay, “bcz” instead of because & many other things. 

Positive impacts of texting:

If we talk about positive impacts of texting, the most positive thing is connectivity to others. We can say that internet has locked all of us in a small place. If you are in one country and want to see your friend who is in another country, you can see him and talk to him by just one click. 

Texting also has a great incentive for those people who are introverts. They don’t want to communicate with other people in real world. They feel safe in texting.  It is the plus point of texting for introverts. Moreover, if you are not in moos to talk to other you can just ignore them. 

Texting also saves your time and money too. You don’t need to spend money on travelling and go to see your friend, you can just text them and talk. 

Negative impacts:

Texting have some cons too along with benefits because we know the truth that all that glitter is not gold. 

People find it too much difficult when they need to talk in real work not on mobiles. They start lacking confidence. Such people don’t open up easily. 

Texting is also destroying the real language because people use short terms to save time social animal For example they write BRB which is the abbreviation of “Be right back”, IDC (I don’t care), TYSM (thank you so much) and IDK (I don’t know). Some people cannot understand these abbreviations and blunders happen. 

Texting have also destroyed our grammar. People are becoming weak in grammar. Texting have become an addiction instead of a convenience. Due to this addiction, youngsters cannot differentiate between the real emotions and addiction. Conclusion: Texting can be a bane and a boon too. It depends upon its use.


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