What are probate leads and why should real estate investors take them seriously?


Whenever the owner of a particular property dies, the property in question is transferred to the heir to whom the property is willed. This person which takes control of the ownership of the property is called the heir or the inheritor. The process through which the rights of the property are transferred or passed from the deceased to the inheritor or heir is known as the legal probate process.

Why are probate leads so important for real estate investors?

It has been seen in many cases that people who end up inheriting the property don’t want to keep it for long and instead they wish to sell it. This could be because of various reasons. Either the heir doesn’t have the ability or inclination to maintain the property, he lives out of state, or because he or she is in the need of money to settle either his debts or the debts of the deceased. It has been observed in many cases that probates often end up selling their property at much lower prices than the market rates. This makes ‘probate leads’ so very lucrative and beneficial from the point-of-view of real estate investors. 

What are the different sources of generating probate leads?

Almost all real estate investors want to get their hands on probate leads but not all of them are successful. Some investors end up facing a lot of challenges in their pursuit of high-quality probate leads. Thus if you happen to be an investor who is looking to source very lucrative probate leads list, then you are at the right place, at the right time, because in this peace we are going to look at some of the most effective ways of generating top-tier, probate leads. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways that real estate investors can use for building rich probate leads list for themselves. 

  • Probate Court: – Out of all the places out there, probate leads happen to be one of the best places to find top-tier probate leads. At the probate courts, real estate investors looking for probate leads list can get a comprehensive list of all the different probate cases in that area. Some courts maintain an online directory which means that you won’t have to visit the court personally and can seek the probate leads list from the comfort of your home. One thing you must note that for seeking probate leads list from online directories you will need the names of the deceased and this can be easily found from the local obituaries which are published in local newspapers and other places. Below the obituaries, you will also end up finding other information that can help you in getting the lead such as who the deceased is survived by. You can also seek probate leads list by making mutually benefitting relationships with probate attorneys.
  • Buy the leads online: – You can also acquire probate leads from the list by buying it online. This is one of the most extensively used ways for sourcing high-quality probate leads. Lead seeks looking for very rich probate leads list can buy the leads from one of the many online services in return for a fee. The prices of the leads might differ from one service to another but real estate investors often use these services for building probate leads list mainly because they don’t have the time to spend substantial periods of time in building probate leads list through other ways. 
  • Newspaper classified ads: – If you intend to build rich probate leads list then you can also check out local newspaper classified listings for the same purpose. In many of these listings, you will easily be able to find the reports of the deceased person along with the contact details of the executor. Newspaper classified listings can be an excellent way to build rich probate leads list over time because with classifieds you will have all the information that you need to contact the leads and then ask them what they intend to do with their property. If you intend to get fresh leads through newspaper classifieds, then don’t give much attention to listings that aren’t over a month old. 

              Wrapping Up

With the help of probate leads, real estate investors can get some really great deals on some properties because it is common knowledge that many inheritors choose to sell their properties at way below the market value. You could use one of the many ways of sourcing top-tier probate leads list but before you begin approaching inheritors, family members or executors, it would be in your best possible interests to educate yourself about everything related to probate, right from the court process to the laws that govern the various states to the emotional probate process state of the heir right after having lost the heir.


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