Using the Internet of Behavior to Improve the Customer Experience


When you are reading the term  Internet of Behavior (IoB), what thoughts cross your mind? How can Consumer Service Providers (CSP)  leverage this rising market—the evaluation of the data accumulated from the IoT—combining it with information gathered from their community to increase their bottom line?

This is the point to think about one more term—the customer experience. Like all businesses, CSPs need potential customers  to emerge as clients, and need clients to stick with them in the long term.

A proper customer experience is fashioned with the aid of using all your  know-how and assembling your clients’ goals and wishes. After all, in case you meet patron wishes, there’s no cause for them to leave. With that in mind, let’s take a look at  how the IoB can improve our customer’s experience.

Knowing Your Network

Your community is the inspiration of your promise to your patron, so if it doesn’t work—or doesn’t work as you thought it would—you’re in trouble.

Leveraging the information-amassing and evaluation powers of the IoB can assist with optimizing your overall network and holding onto  your clients.

1) Understanding Congestion

It’s an easy correlation—as network congestion is going up, carrier high-satisfaction rates are  going down—with patron pleasure following suit. That’s why mitigating or getting rid of  congestion is one of the most important investments you could make.

IoB evaluation facilitates losing congestion in 3 major approaches:

  • Historic view: Tells you the areas where congestion has been going on and which clients it affects.
  • Current view: Gives you real-time perception into network congestion events.
  • Future view: Predicts expected congestion and helps making plans by permitting you to prioritize network capability investments for max

2) Planning for Growth

Let’s dive into factor 3 above. Because, at the same time as its true that IoB can provide you with a future view to assist with making plans, making plans isn’t as easy as you’d like.

It’s fantastic to recognize what’s occurring to your network at each single moment withinside the day. But simply understanding doesn’t suggest you could restore every issue at once. You need to plan for growth.

3) Data Served Up

It’s not that you don’t have the right data. It’s more likely that you have too much information and no idea what to do with it. So, here’s where IoB helps:

Knowing Your Customers

1) Understanding What Is Important to Your Customers

Analyzing and segmenting customer sorts and utilization styles will help you recognize what goals your customers are looking to obtain while online.

By understanding who your clients are, and understanding that—for example—the committed gaming enthusiasts you serve have very special wishes when compared to the shopping enthusiast clients, you could keep the customer experience on the right track with the aid of using know-how and assembling an extensive variety of options. Study your broadband subscriber analytics for this.

2) Predict Churn

People get used to newer, better things very easily. What if their utilization of a selected tool or software is being lowered steadily? In such cases, CSPs must be able to meet new needs and anticipate customer churn.

What if you implement a system that allows you to get in touch with  them before they cancel your subscription? What if you can provide them a package deal that meets their new wishes and secures them as a steady patron?

3) Be Proactive

Avoiding churn isn’t the simplest and only manner of being proactive. With the totla capabilities of the IoB, there are numerous different approaches to anticipate—or even influence—the customer experience Like:

  • Letting customers know about new deals
  • Offering device upgrades
  • Creating custom packages based on usage


Keeping clients glad is one of the best approaches to reinforce profitability. The above examples are ways IoB will let you improve the customer service experience and broadband traffic management.


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