Types of Video Game Platforms


Video game are entertaining as a whole, but did you know that there are several platforms?

Here’s a brief description on the types of video game platforms.


The PC is a versatile machine capable of doing many things, including games. It was here that software and games originated and continued.

PC users can choose among hundreds of titles spread across dozens of genres. It’s one of the most popular out there as it caters to just about any gamer.

For instance, you can participate in online casino games by going to Gaming platform or finding a guild in an MMORPG. What’s exciting is that gaming on PC continues to evolve at a rapid pace.


The mobile gaming platform offers a convenient way to pass the time when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in an office. Originally, games on mobile platforms were ‘casual’, meaning they’re relatively easy to pick up and play.

As hardware get smaller and become more powerful gaming on a smartphone has become more legitimate. There are big name titles exclusively made for iOS and Android.

Virtual Reality

Not to be outdone, VR headsets are quickly gaining ground and offer a unique way to experience games.

A single headgear is all you need to get started. Higher resolutions make for more realistic gameplay. Game developers are realizing the potential of VR and its future in the gaming niche.

Arcades and Consoles

Arcades were once the biggest thing but now they’re being revived on home consoles. Game consoles are cheaper than PC and not quite as versatile.

A typical example of a game console is the Playstation 5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. They’re closed platforms that offer a superb gaming experience in one neat package. Users can simply pick the game, grab a controller and spend hours trying to beat it.


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