Top ISPs for Online Gaming


In a world of interactive gaming, you are only as good as your internet connection. The slightest of lag in the connection speed can instantly turn a clear victory into an unfortunate defeat. Therefore, we always suggest our readers go for the best internet plan so that they can enjoy a smooth gaming experience with their family and friends. There are internet offers like Mediacom internet packages that have one-of-a-kind yet competitive offers giving you just the right combination of quality service, speeds and affordability will not be a challenge anymore. Therefore, to help online gamers in procuring the best internet deal, in this article, we will be listing the top internet companies that offer commendable speeds for gaming and in good pricing. 

What Internet Speed Do You Need for Online Gaming?

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), you need 4 Mbps of download speed for online gaming. Nonetheless, professional online gamers require far better speeds than that. Moreover, if multiple people will be using the internet service, you should sign up for a service that delivers at least 100 Mbps of speeds. The higher the speed, the lower will be the latency rate.

What is Latency in Gaming?

Latency refers to the time it takes for one device to respond to another. In short, it is the measure of the quality of your internet connection in milliseconds (ms). The lower the latency rate, the better the connection. We usually recommend a latency rate of 50ms and below.

How to Enhance Your Internet Speed for Gaming?

To improve the speed of your connection, the first step is to run a speed test on the service to ensure that you are getting the speeds for which you pay. If not, lodge a complaint with your internet provider and inform them about the problem or perform the following actions:

Use an Ethernet Cable

Wired connections deliver better internet speeds than wireless connections because the bandwidth is not divided into different networks and your device receives maximum speeds with minimum latency. 

Disconnect Other Devices

If multiple devices are connected to the internet at the same time, you might experience high latency rates during the gameplay. Therefore, to optimize your internet speed, disconnect all other devices and only connect the one that you are using for online games.

Modify Your Router’s Position

In case you are not receiving strong wireless signals, change the location of your router so that your internet-enabled device can get better signals and deliver amplified internet speeds for online gaming.

Check Your Internet Data Usage

You will not receive quality speeds if you have consumed all your data limit because providers throttle the speeds, making it nearly impossible for you to access the World Wide Web. If this happens a lot, consider upgrading your plan to an unlimited data package.

Reboot Your Modem and Router

Quite often, the problem gets resolved by simply switching your modem and router off and then on. This process helps the equipment install pending updates, remove excessive data, and refresh the memory.

Change Your Internet Provider

After performing all the aforementioned steps, if the problem persists, change your internet provider. We have listed down our favorites in Houston. 

Which Providers Offer the Best Internet Service for Online Gaming?

  • Wave Broadband

Wave is one of the leading internet brands in the US serving Hundreds of thousands of customers in 3 major states including Washington, Oregon, and California. The company offers some of the best internet deals for online gaming. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, we highly recommend the basic internet plan which comes with 100 Mbps of internet speeds, upgradable data, 24/7 customer support, a complete security suite, and most importantly, access to nationwide hotspots so that you never lose your network, even when you are traveling – all for $34.95 per month. The best part about Wave is that you do not have to sign any contracts to avail its amazing deals.

  • Comcast Xfinity

Being the largest cable service provider in the US, Xfinity is available in 40 states with its top-notch internet plans. The company offers the fastest speeds in the nation that goes up to 2000 Mbps for $299.95 per month in select areas. For users who are on a budget, we recommend Xfinity Performance Select, which delivers 100 Mbps of download speeds and 5 Mbps of upload speeds for $34.99 per month. However, the company does not offer unlimited data with this plan. Therefore, keep a track of monthly usage because if you go beyond your limit, you will have to endure an additional amount of $10 for every 50 GB of data.

  • AT&T

AT&T is a well-known internet provider in the country with wide coverage across 21 states. AT&T’s fiber internet is one of the most sought-after services in the nation that starts from $35 for 300 Mbps and goes up to $60 for 1000 Mbps of internet speeds. In addition to this, the company houses an outstanding customer support department, which ensures that your network is always functional with minimal lags.


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