Top Custom Mobile App Development Companies in India 2021



Here’s the list of Top custom mobile application development companies in India for 2021 based on successful projects, team size, reviews and cost.


Top Custom Mobile App Development Companies in India 2021


Imagine yourself with cold feet, shaking fingers, clenching or grinding teeth with no avenue of fire, heat, or warm clothes. What would you do?

You might have to travel endlessly unless you get your requirements fulfilled, right? There is no hoping for someone to appear in the blistering cold looking for you to cover in a blanket, is there?


That’s what today’s scenario about apps entails. People have a body of ideas that is slowly withering away in the cold without finding solace in reaching the right place, warming the hearts of the people, and consuming a small space in their electronic gadgets and daily lifestyles.


We don’t like that,


Innovation getting wasted,

Solutions going unnoticed,

Lives being untouched;


Hence, we have created a list of top providers of iOS and android app development services in India that are too good to be true so that you can relish your expectations that are too important to be forgotten.


IMG Global Infotech

How do you define a top company?

By online reviews?

Client testimonials?

Word of mouth?

Date of incorporation?

Team size?

Unlearning and relearning capacity?

Or maybe a combination of some or all of them?


If your answer is the latter, then maybe you are in for a treat. People at IMG know how to bring out a little something of everything from their creative hats for almost all sets of businesses. It is evident in the 1000+ projects, 800+ happy clients, 6+ years of experience, 98% success ratio that they have demonstrated so far.


Their five-step process of identifying the scope, building the wireframe, app development, testing, and deployment is quite easier to grasp, which when coupled with their ‘come-what-may attitude serves as the cherry on the top. 


Give them a holler and ask them for what you call a free quote to understand their capacity or just to gain knowledge. Don’t worry, we have checked, they don’t mind 🙂



A bunch of awards, tens of thousands of successful projects, 16+ years in business, and a commitment to quality; all this to create a delectable experience for the end-users and clients.


If this is not enough, we don’t know what is.


RV Technologies

They help businesses coming from all walks of life and spectrum to do their thing with immaculate precision and get welcomed into the house of popularity. For them, it doesn’t matter what the idea is and whether it is unique or the best or none of the two, all they bring together is perseverance that can make anything exemplary or stand out to be modest.



They have almost 450+ developers associated with them, some of them extremely qualified, some of them quite accustomed to the rough winds, and some of them naive enough to try new things. All in all, a balanced team, which makes challenges look easy.


Konstant Infosolutions

A renowned IT outsourcing services provider with a delicately crafted client-centric approach can turn out to be your ideal business partner because, in the end, businesses don’t run on money or creativity; they run on solutions.



Technology is everywhere, from what the mind cannot perceive to what the mind can sense, smell, and see; we all are surrounded by clouds, apps, gadgets, websites, and whatnot; 

hence, these people have named themselves aptly as WeDigTech, custom mobile application because in reality, they happen to love technology as much as we do. 


To us, it comes as no surprise to see them rank so high on the index of top custom mobile app development companies.



From being awarded the top app development company of the year by ‘Entrepreneur’ to having a strong word-of-mouth appreciation for its wholesome work culture, the Appinventiv team is one of those whom you can bank on with your money, patience, and time.


Arka Softwares

They turn businesses into time machines, with knowledge going to one end, the future coming out of the other. Their smart management and young team is a living testament of standing by custom mobile application the rules, till a time you become strong enough to break them. All we can say is kudos for their experimental and exponential journey in the field of app development. 


Techahead Corp

Products live to see a day only when they get enough nourishment from the farm owner. In their case, they will spearhead your farm in a way that your business crops will always keep blossoming and be more accessible to a fair-priced market.



Prismetric believes in dispersing the monochromatic businesses into their essential colorful parts so that they become more lively, colorful, and attractive to the outside world. Their strong clientele in the field of app development may second that.


We hope you enjoyed our writeup, and even if you don’t, let us know what or whom did we miss while ranking the top 10 iOS or Android app development services providers in India.


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