Top 5 Flavors On Elf Bar BC5000 Audit


With vaping becoming well known around the world, vape items are likewise improving. Many brands have thought of an interesting bundle of items. Of these is Mythical being, which is a deep rooted brand offering incredible dispensable vapes.

Their disposables offer exceptional highlights easily of purpose. One of their top rated vape items to pay special attention to is the Elf Bar BC5000 expendable.

It has made a remarkable buzz with its praiseworthy battery duration and pre-filled e-juice. It tends to be re-energized and hauled around without stress. These remarkable traits make it an intriguing gadget to possess.

Top 5 Mythical being Bar BC5000 Flavors

Disposables are known for drawing simple vape hits. What improves it are the amazing flavors. Higher the flavor similarity, the better the eventual outcomes of the puff.

The Mythical person Bar BC 5000 offers similarity for certain extraordinary flavors, going from fruity to sharp. Thus, here, take a gander at the five flavors you should attempt.

  1. Cranberry Grape

From crawling plants, the ‘superfood’ cranberry is chosen. It is utilized alongside new grapes to make this marvelous flavor.

With a gentle yet perceptible taste of cranberry, it helps mix different components impeccably. This flavor is overwhelmed by the prepared taste of grapes. Plus, the menthol adds an invigorating touch.

In general, the cranberry tries the flavor out without hampering the flavor of grape and mint.

  1. Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz Ice is a Mythical person brand legend. It is quite possibly of the most searched after flavor out of the numerous choices presented by Mythical person.

It is an impeccable blend of raspberry, blueberry, and menthol. This complicated blend makes it all the really tempting. The sweet, tart, and tart taste makes it an exemplary vape flavor that vape devotees love.

With the remarkable battery duration of Mythical person Bar BC 5000, this flavor can be appreciated for longer hours. Give this a shot, and you can likewise find the reason why most vapers incline toward it.

  1. Watermelon Melon Honeydew

As capricious as this flavor sounds, the taste is uniquely fulfilling. You can never turn out badly with this appetizing decision.

Overflowing with the flavor of melons, the elating mix of watermelons and melons can be felt with each hit. The captivating smidgen of honeydew gives a smooth layering to the whole mix.

Moreover, the prefilled e-fluid of 13mL of the Elf Bar BC 5000 gadget guarantees that the impression of the flavor hits with each puff. Fruity and delicious portray the topic of this flavor.

  1. Strawberry Kiwi

The following are two of the most adored berries in the variety! This flavor might appear to be amazing, considering that berries comprise the majority of the flavor.

However, hold on until you attempt it; you will left desire for more! This flavor is a hotchpotch of sweet and new strawberries that blend wonderfully with the sharp-tasting kiwis.

It is an extremely famous summer flavor. Moreover, the noteworthy puff count of 5000 guarantees you can keep this taste waiting on your taste buds for quite a while.

  1. Rainbow Candy

The actual name proposes an explosion of flavors and intrigue. An assortment of new leafy foods smacking candy ought to have previously stood out.

This flavor has assorted preferences, with the absolute most savored natural products like grape, raspberry, lemon, green apple, and orange. When intertwined with treats, this makes a sweet, citrusy mixed bag of credible palates.

Tasty multi-shaded treats darlings can explore different avenues regarding this flavor, with the flavor of extraordinary tasting, quintessential natural products.


The Mythical being brand has outshone its past disposables with this one. With attractive flavors, higher e-fluid amount, and gadget sturdiness, this gadget is really simple to heft around. Keep it with you any place you go, and live it up!

In any case, guarantee not to pass up the three flavors referenced previously. There are a lot more flavors that the Elf Bar BC5000 can be utilized with. You can attempt them too to have a different vaping experience.


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