Positioning the best PUBG players is a muddled assignment, however, someone should do it. With PUBG Esports making a gigantic resurgence in 2021, we are going into probably the greatest year for the esports side of the game. With PGI.S, PCS 4, and PUBG Global Championship down the line, we are going into one of the most serious years to date.

Players old and new are coming up in the game constantly, which implies we need to keep focused with every one of the turns of events and moving rankings for the top PUBG players in 2021.


We made the top 10  PUBG players rundown to assist you with sorting out who merits watching in 2021! For the rankings, we are thinking about exhibitions at PCS 3, PGI.S, and PCS4, while likewise taking into consideration results from the ESL PUBG Masters and Dreamhack Winter Showdown. Since the new aggressive WWCD design is yet to occur in full power, we don’t know whether the rankings will require changes depending on how players act in an alternate meta. Additionally, consider, choosing who the best PUBG players on the planet are can be somewhat emotional. Underneath we clarify every player’s position and what makes them stick out.

1. PIO

Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon is the IGL for Gen.G and one of, if not the, best PUBG Players right now. He is the main impetus behind Gen.G’s prosperity and is an adaptable rifler in addition to prowler consolidated. What separates him from the rest is his unrivaled guide mindfulness and situating. Everywhere on the guide is a likely spot for Pio to be prone.

Aside from winning PUBG Global Championship 2019, Pio addressed South Korea at the 2019 Nations Cup and was instrumental for Gen.G’s late assembly at PGI.S 2021.


James “TGLTN” Giezen is the outright expert at PUBG and effectively one of the home PUBG players with regards to rifling and fragging out. He is totally overwhelming in each conflict and duels against rivals, and his trust in-game is the thing that makes him an amazing powerhouse. Aside from being irrefutably the main impetus behind the Sonics success at PGI.S 2021, he has been a minister for PUBG and a Twitch/Youtube character that PUBG fans run to routinely.

Assuming you need to watch the best working, most certainly go to TGLTN. Also, yes Pr0phie died for this.


Wu “Forever” Zheng comes in third on our list as one of the younger players to watch out for in competitive PUBG. Just like the previous two mentions on our list, he is the driving force behind the recent success of 4 AM (Four Angry Men). During the most recent PUBG Champions League 2021 over in China, he managed to earn both the MVP and Most Kills trophies back to back as the most dominant player in the entire tournament.

We are set to see a clash of game prowess between the best Korea and China have to offer (Forever and Pio) at the upcoming PCS 4 soon.


From Dota 2 to Europe’s best PUBG player, Ivan “ubah” Kapustin is the up in there among the best PUBG players to at any point hold a mouse and console. He was instrumental in Russia winning the 2019 PUBG Nations Cup, and has been so predominant in his past group that FaZe Clan was alluded to as “Ubah and the young men”. After PGI.s he was sidelined by FaZe Clan and eventually moved in with Digital Athletics for the PCS 4. He is set to recapture PUBG’s brilliance in another setting close to Sambty and varied.


Previous LoL midlaner turned PUBG plan Wei “GODV” Zhen is a genuine PUBG veteran. Dynamic since the very beginning he is the proprietor and skipper of 4 AM and the “Steph Curry of PUBG”. A genuine throwables god, he gives the strength and skill to his group to control huge and little corners of the guide. He is the most renowned PUBG player in China, and has addressed his country at the Nations Cup and played at both PGC and PGI.s 2021.TOP 10 PUBG PLAYERS IN THE WORLD.


We soar Kickstart into the sixth situation after he solo conveyed Zenith to second place at PGI.s recently. This person is totally mental with regards to splash moves and tight situation battles. Hitherto he has been instrumental for both Wildcard Gaming, Zenith, and most as of late Oath, as the player that pulls the most weight for his colleagues.
Assuming you need to watch one player totally detonate on the scene in 2021, then, at that point, you shouldn’t look further.  TOP 10 PUBG PLAYERS IN THE WORLD.


Na “Inonix” Hee-Joo is the opposite side of Gen.G’s coin with regards to PUBG. Subsequent to joining the group in 2020, he and Pio turned into the damaging couple that rules the Korean PUBG scene. What makes Inonix extraordinary is his capacity to moor down a position and hold it paying little mind to pressure applied from different points. His unrivaled expertise to out-sustain adversaries is the thing that acquires him a spot on the rundown of best PUBG players in 2021.


Sasha “BatulinS” Batulin is the pioneer, fragger and plan behind Virtus.Pro this season. Aurora Borealis detonated onto the scene in 2020, with Batulin in charge stirring things up in European PUBG. The group has gone from one solidarity to another as of late and is possibly one of the forces to be reckoned with in Europe for PCS4 and conceivably PGS in the not-so-distant future. The heft of the hard work is finished by Sasha and his faultless in-game callouts and game sense. On the off chance that you see VP unexpectedly ruling the scene, you know its motivation they have one of the most amazing pub players on earth on their list.TOP 10 PUBG PLAYERS IN THE WORLD.


Kurtis “Purdy” Bond (PurdyKurty) is the IGL and head of TSM after they gained the previous STK (Shoot To Kill) list. Purdy procured a spot on this rundown by being simply the most forfeiting player in the whole PUBG esports scene. He can construct such situations for his group with his strange plays that he is a resource for the group in each feeling of the way. STK has consistently been a group that makes unstable plays and difficult rivals in the most imaginative ways. A great deal of that comes from Kurtis and his capacity to imagine situations where his group gets through regardless of whether they are hindered and with their backs towards the blue divider.

He is from a genuine perspective one of the most outstanding IGFs and TOP 10 PUBG PLAYERS IN THE WORLD.


At long last, Jake “Sneakers” Winant jumps in his direction onto our rundown with his amazing rifling abilities. His crazy capacity to frag out for his group is the thing that qualifies him among the best PUBG players in 2021. Envision that he is presently on a similar list with #6 Kickstart, and Oath is abruptly a genuine danger to Soniqs up in North America. Close to Forever, he is perhaps the most youthful player to elegance the scene, and probable a power in PUBG for quite a long time to come. Watch out as he would climb this ranking effortlessly later on.


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