Let’s turn to statistics. According to Ethnologue: Languages ​​of the World , Chinese is the native language of 1.2 billion people, while English is only 379 million. Now imagine how many people have Chinese as a second language, and how many people are willing and ready to study it. We are sure you want to be one of them too.

But why do so many people put off learning Chinese until later?

Most people are afraid to start because of the stereotype that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages. Let’s find out if this is the case. Verbs in Chinese, unlike many European languages, do not have gender, number, or conjugation, which means you don’t have to cram endings.

The modern syntax is simple and strictly ordered: each member of the sentence has its own place. Yes, you will have to puff a little on hieroglyphs, of which there are 80 thousand, but there is good news: only 3.5 thousand characters are used in everyday speech.

The stereotype and the fear of starting have been dealt with. Now let’s find out why the Chinese language is gaining popularity lately.

Why do many people want to learn Chinese?

Chinese is one of the most promising languages ​​to learn. The Chinese economy is developing rapidly: already now its share in world GDP is about 20%. Not surprisingly, the country has become an attractive place to work and study, and Chinese is a popular language to learn – such economic growth bodes well for business and career prospects.

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In order to make a final decision about learning Chinese, ask yourself the question: why do I need Chinese? Motives for learning Chinese can be different:

  1. Get to know Chinese culture.
  2. Start doing business with China.
  3. Get an education in one of the best universities in China.
  4. Settle in China with the whole family.
  5. Become a Chinese translator.

The above goals require different approaches and time spent on training.

How can I learn Chinese?

If you decide to teach for yourself, then neither time nor money will be spent much. It is enough to subscribe to a couple of thematic groups for learning Chinese on social networks, where the same enthusiasts sit, or simply sign up for Chinese language courses.

Basic knowledge will be enough to communicate with friends from China, travel or even migrate. If you want to watch films in the original or read Chinese literature, then you have to make more effort. Good knowledge of the language and listening skills are also important here. Do not be lazy – your daily work will add up to the result.

If your goal is to study in China or run a business, then learning Chinese will have to be approached more thoroughly. In both cases, it is important not only to be able to read and write, but also to correctly express your thoughts in Chinese. There are special courses in Chinese for business, we advise you to consider them. To enter a university, you must pass an international exam similar to TOEFL, which can take more than one year to prepare.

If your goal is to become a Chinese translator, then you are in for a long and difficult, but extremely interesting path. To work as a translator, you need to know the language at an excellent level, it will take years of work. But everything is in your hands! Chinese translators are taught in universities.

Once the purpose of the study is determined, you need to understand whether you are willing to spend the proper amount of time to achieve the desired results. For certified transcription services contact with the agency.

It must be clearly understood that it will take a lot of time. Not as much as the Great Wall of China was built, but no less efforts will have to be made: during this time you can learn at least two European languages ​​\u200b\u200bin a good level, but you will be among those few who managed to destroy the stereotype about the uncontrollable and complex Chinese language. Think about the possibilities that could open up for you if you could eventually “tame” the Chinese language.

Learning Chinese will open many doors for you. If you like Chinese and are motivated enough to learn it, then we have no doubt that you will succeed!



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