Tips to Improve Your computer Performance Effectively


If you’re the average computer user, you create new files every day computer’s Performance. When you install new games and add a few data, you generate more data. While browsing, some websites add tracking information such as cookies and cache in temporary file folders.

Most of these files are useless. They do not have any special significance on your computer. Time to throw them out of your hard drive. Check out some of the practical methods to improve computer performance

Physical wiping of the computer 

The first step we should take to speed up the computer and use its maximum potential is to physically clean it. This is an element that we often forget when focusing on software or improving individual parts of the computer. The residual and accumulating dust inside our PC or laptop effectively slows down its operation, reducing the performance of individual components. 

To clean our computer, disconnect the computer from the power supply and remove its casing. Basic cleaning can be done with compressed air. The thorough removal of dust results in better airflow and lower component temperature. If we do not have the appropriate knowledge, we can have the equipment serviced so that specialists can disassemble, for example, components and they will perform a detailed cleaning.

Hardware replacement

One of the radical, expensive, and at the same time very effective methods to improve the performance of Windows 10 is to change the hardware to a more modern one. The system has specific requirements, and it is better to have a computer that is more powerful than recommended. Thanks to this, the operation of the software will be smooth and more efficient. 

If the replacement of all hardware is impossible, you can think about increasing the amount of RAM or replacing it with a more modern one, buying a more powerful processor and a new hard disk. If we only have the option to upgrade a computer or laptop, we should use this option first. In the case of laptops, this can be much more difficult, because many manufacturers solder many components to the motherboard.

Remove unnecessary programs

If we want to take care of our computer and increase its performance, we should uninstall unnecessary applications. This is a very common cause of computer blocking and slowing down. Applications that we no longer use may launch and use computer resources. By uninstalling programs that we no longer use, we will relieve the computer memory, processor, and disk. Certainly, each computer will have several programs that, for example, we used in the past, but are not needed now.

Customize your power plan

By default, Windows 10 uses a “balanced” energy consumption plan, which can slow performance at times. The balanced plan lowers the CPU speed when not in use and places key components in the appropriate power-saving modes during periods of low demand. 

You can speed it up by opening the Control Panel (click “Start” and type “Control Panel”) and select “Power Options”. In the next pop-up window, click “Show Additional Plans” and then select “High Performance”.

Stop background updates 

There is something you can stop Windows Updates and other download features. If left unchecked, these processes can degrade connection performance as well as computer performance. Set up a home Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection as measured in Settings> Network & Internet> Wi-Fi or Settings> Network & Internet> Ethernet. 

This tells Windows 10 not to download any major updates while using that Wi-Fi connection – at least for a while. It will force the update eventually, but this setting helps most of the time. It also prevents some applications from pinging servers, which can help slow down the performance of background processes.

In conclusion

Optimization solutions do not necessarily meet the constantly evolving and more and more demanding technology of creating programs, games or websites. If not all the above steps improve the overall performance of the device, it is necessary to consider buying a newer, more adapted to the current reality of a PC or laptop.


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