Tips on How to Enjoy your Rooftop Dining in Singapore


Rooftop dining is the dining experience that comes with being perched atop buildings in various cities around the world. From New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza to Helsinki’s urban canals, there are hundreds of distinct rooftop eating options around the globe. But how do you know which ones will make your meal taste as good as they look? Keep reading to discover top tips on how to enjoy rooftop Dining in Singapore.

Take a Walk on the Rooftop before Dining

Walk on the Rooftop first, before dining at a rooftop restaurant. You’ll get to know the place and the food better that way. Besides, you may spot a great spot from the walk and want to take a table there later on. Go to any high-end restaurant in Singapore and you’re likely to see someone taking a walk on the roof. They might be there for the view, to scope out the neighborhood, or to escape the crowds.

Eat with the Seasons

Having a season for your food is a sure-fire way to get more out of your meal. So if you’re a spring/summer person, order spring rolls. If you’re a summer person, order summer vegetables. And if you’re a winter person, you can choose from a variety of hearty winter dishes. Not only will the food be more pleasant to eat because of the seasonings, but there will also likely be more attractive flowers blooming during that season.

Find a Spot With Great Views

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful sunset or sunrise to host to, by all means, order your meals from the roof. But if you’re unable to see the sunset or sunrise because the place you dine at is surrounded by buildings, you might want to consider finding a spot with some open views of the skyline. This will allow you to enjoy the best part of the meal, which is the lights and the view.

Go for something filling, rather than light snacks

If you’re looking for a light meal, skip lunch and dinner and just go all-in on one heavy snack. Some people, for example, like to share a snack with friends before heading off to work. If you’re with a group, though, there is the option to order a full lunch and snacks. So whether you’re just out for a casual coffee break and don’t have a lot of time to kill, or you want to provide your friends with a full meal, a heavy snack is definitely not the right choice.

Don’t Forget About The Toppings

As nice as it is to order the tower of eggs, bacon, or steak with your meal, it’s actually better to save the toppers for your dessert or dessert. Because once you’ve stuffed yourself with the protein, fat, and carbohydrates, you’ll be more ready to tackle the sweets or desserts that accompany your meal. If you’re not a sweets lover, feel free to order a side salad with your meal.

Drink From an elevated source

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful view that lets you enjoy the city skyline and the ocean below, what’s better than a glass of wine or a cocktail from the sideboard? If you’re not the drink type or you want to save room for dessert, try pairing your meal with a dessert. You may just find that you like them better with your food combination. There are plenty of options for dessert in Singapore.

Get to Know Your Server Before Ordering

Asking for food to be displayed and served to you “pre-assembled” might sound fancy, but in reality, it’s a way of ordering that leaves the server with very little opportunity to talk to you. When you sit at a restaurant, you usually order food and then quizzically look at it while you wait for the server to bring it to you. But at a rooftop bar, you’ll be facing your server directly and will have the opportunity to get to know them, if you want to.

When you think about it, there are plenty of reasons you would want to try rooftop dining in Singapore. The best part about it is that it requires very few preparations. You can just hop on a plane and be in Singapore in a few hours. If you want to enjoy some “al fresco” dining, simply go for it. But be prepared for a minimalist experience.


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