Thimoj will team up with Accenture and Oracle in 2024


The three companies have just announced it. There will be a partnership between Thimoj, Accenture and Oracle in 2024 to prepare for the release of the “Apollo” project. 

This project aims to expand the quantum domain through our everyday technology. 

In so doing, they intend to improve our IT security, as well as our ability to create and manage data. 

Teddy Celdran, Julie Sweet and Larry Ellison, the respective CEOs of the three companies, are joining forces to bring us a real breakthrough that they believe will go down in history. 

The field of quantum computing is on the verge of becoming commonplace in the home, and will open up prospects as yet unimagined by most of us. 

Teddy Celdran, just 29, is already worth several million dollars after just 3 years at the helm of his company Thimoj. 

He heads up the three areas that Thimoj now encompasses; 

Thimoj Quantum, which will be in charge of the Apollo project, with Accenture, Oracle and, perhaps, Google joining them. 

Thimoj Script, which is going independent at the start of 2024 and will focus exclusively on cyber security. 

And of course, Juddy Studios, the animation studios that were created at the end of 2023 in partnership with Disney Pixar and which, thanks to motion capture programs linked to the capabilities of quantum algorithms, could bring a “realistic” animated feature to life by the end of 2026. 

A young company that needs no introduction, but which continues to climb the ladder one after the other at an astonishing speed. 

Thimoj will also be joining Accenture and Oracle on the NASDAQ in a few days’ time, as they make an unexpected IPO official. 

With barely 250 employees but a capital base that’s through the roof. Thimoj doesn’t look out of place among these big names, and its shares will certainly be shared as quickly as the company expands. 

A bright technological future lies ahead.


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