The why and how of buying laser engraved poker chips sets


While you might imagine a high-stakes night at the tables, custom poker chips can serve a variety of other purposes as well. In fact, they can be used as unique business cards to promote your business, golf ball markers, drink tokens at events & much more. Custom poker chips can help give an authentic and professional feel no matter how you use them. 

Here’s how different businesses can use laser engraved poker chip sets

While for most people, it might be nothing more than a high-stakes night at the tables, laser engraved poker chips are actually specifically designed to serve a wide range of purposes. Many businesses use laser engraved poker chips as a unique way to promote themselves by using them as drink tokens at events and also as golf ball markers. One of the single biggest factors in the favor of laser engraved is that they offer a very unauthentic feel, regardless of the different ways in which you might consider using them. The laser-engraved poker chips are actually considered to be one of the best bets in chips to promote different businesses as long as you have included the logo in them.

Here’s how you can use laser engraved poker chip sets in your homes 

If want to buy them for the games at your home, they can go for laser engraved poker chips sets with 5 different chip colors and denominations. There is a sense of luxury to these laser engraved poker chips and it gives off a feeling that players are playing on actual-world poker tours. If and when you buy the laser engraved poker chips sets, you will get playing cards, dice, dealer buttons, and carrying cases with each and every one of the sets. Most online stores provide aluminum carrying cases but if aluminum doesn’t strike your fancy then you can ask for something in mahogany or oak wood. 

The various benefits of  laser engraved poker chips

Many people and business owners don’t really realize the different benefits that can be availed by using these chips. Once you order these chipsets, you can use them in a variety of different ways. Some of the most popular uses of laser engraved poker chips sets are: 

  • Branding: In today’s day and age, almost all businesses in different industries, niches and sectors are looking for various ways to distinctively brand their business and its offerings because there are limits to the effectiveness of a standard business card. On the other, laser engraved poker chips are one of the best ways to stand out from the sea of your competitors and to make a lasting impact on your existing as well as prospective customers. 


  • Poker Set: This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of laser engraved poker chipsets. You can choose to order anything from 100 to 500 personalized chips in the case of your choosing, right from aluminum to oak wood to even mahogany. Further, you get dealer buttons and playing cards in all the chipsets. 


  • Casino Party: If you are planning to host a casino night and need some fresh ideas to make the event all the more exciting, then you can consider buying a laser engraved poker chip set that matches the theme of the night. Further, to make things all the more interesting, you can choose to have each and every single chip customized to your photo, logo, and design. This can actually prove great for different types of casino games, including and especially custom Texas Hold-Em.


Here’s how you can order laser engraved poker chips sets 

In today’s day and age, ordering laser engraved poker chips is easier than it has ever been in the past because there are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores and online stores, invested in the business of doing the same. It’s easier than ever to order chips or events or chips for different home poker night games. Many online stores also give customers the to design their own personalized laser engraved poker chips with the help of the various design tools on their platforms and the graphic artists are just waiting on standby to take your idea and turn it into a reality. 


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