The story behind Jenni Rivera’s ex: José Trinidad Marín


Jose Marin Biography

Trino Marin was brought into the world in the United States on February 15, 1964. Aquarius is his zodiac sign. Trino Marine is Trinidad Marin’s genuine name. Trion, then again, is an all the more notable name. He likewise comes from a Christian family and is of blended legacy. Jose was brought into the world in Mexico on February 15, 1964, and rose to distinction in the wake of wedding Jenni Rivera, an American vocalist lyricist. Since the couple kept their wedded life hidden during the beginning phases of their relationship, there is little data about Jose.

Jose is likewise of Mexican beginning and holds an American-Mexican visa. His folks brought him generally up in Mexico prior to migrating to the United States. At the point when he moved to the United States is obscure. Given his gathering with his significant other while still in secondary school, we can expect he moved while he was generally youthful.

José Trinidad Marín Profile Summary

  • Real name: Jose Trinidad Marin
  • Nickname: Trino
  • Date of Birth: February 15, 1964 (57 years old)
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 67 Approx
  • Wife: Jenni Rivera (m. 1984–1992)
  • Children: Michael Marin, Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos
  • Occupation: Retired restaurant manager

Jose Trinidad Marin Professional Career

Jose did various random temp jobs to get by when he and Jenni at first began dating. Around a similar time, he got a new line of work as a café supervisor, and he started to earn enough to pay the rent. He additionally exhorted Jenni not to go to school and on second thought stay at home with their kids and family. Rivera, justifiably, disagreed with him, and the circumstance swelled into actual maltreatment. He likewise continued on with his own personal business after his separation from Jenni and started another life in Riverside County.

Jose Marin Relationship

In the year 1984, the couple traded promises. Jose was just 20 years of age when he wedded Jenni, and Jenni was just 15. Jenni was at that point anticipating her most memorable youngster at the hour of their marriage. At the point when you wed the individual you love the most, you have a specific assumption that all that will work out. Jenni, similarly, trusted that her marriage would work out. Sadly for her, her marriage was loaded with challenges and consistent maltreatment. Her significant other actually attacked her, yet he additionally physically mishandled her sister and two girls.

Jose And His Ex-wife Jenni Have Three Children Together

Jenni was still in secondary school when the previous darlings became guardians interestingly. On June 26th, 1985, she brought forth her most seasoned youngster, a little girl named Chiquis Rivera. Notwithstanding the way that Jenni became a mother when she was still in her teenagers, she had the option to finish secondary school and accommodate her kid. Jenni and Marin accepted their subsequent kid, a little girl called Jacqueline, on November twentieth, 1989, a couple of years after their first. They became guardians to an infant kid called Michael a couple of years after the fact, on September 11, 1991. In their different fields, every one of them three are succeeding. Chiquis, the most seasoned, emulated her mom’s example and turned into a vocalist. In the mean time, the other two proceeded to fill in as entertainers in English and Mexican movies and TV series.

Jose Trinidad Marin And Jenni Rivera Divorced In 1992

Jenni at last chose to tap out after forever and a day of mental torture. In the mid 1990s, she petitioned for legal separation, and it was concluded in 1992. Rivera was given care of her three kids. Jenni at first showed that she sought legal separation from Jose in view of his physical and mental maltreatment of her. She didn’t learn about her ex-sexual spouse’s maltreatment embarrassment until quite a long while after the separation, in 1997.

Trino’s Molestation To His Daughter And Sister-in-regulation

Jenni Rivera’s most memorable spouse had hurt Janney and Jacqueline Marn, Jenni’s girls. Following that, the singular keeps on carrying out his punishment in jail. We as a whole know that the band’s Diva, Jenni Rivera, had a long and productive melodic vocation, yet her own life was an alternate story. The tremendous woman, I was constantly managing numerous private matters, and a few accomplices all the while. In any case, one of the most vital crossroads in the artist’s life happened when she found that her kid spouse, Trino Marn, had attacked his own children, Chiquis and Jacqie, as well as her sister by marriage, Rosie Rivera, when they were both young ladies. The late vocalist Jenni Rivera found that her significant other, José Trinidad Marn, also called Trino Marn, had abused his own little girls in 1992, as per the gateway. The Diva of the Band was put in the possession of the Justice in the wake of realizing this dreadful truth. Trino Marin, tragically for the Rivera family, figured out how to escape and has been a criminal for the beyond 9 years.

At the point when specialists had the option to catch Trino Marn in 2006, Jenni Rivera prepared herself and revealed the entire thing on TV; after the huge woman made sense of what occurred, an enthusiast found the criminal’s whereabouts. Notwithstanding the help of a resigned FBI specialist who helped Jenni and her family in getting it.

The Nightmare Continued

Notwithstanding the way that Jenni Rivera’s then-spouse, Trino Marn, had previously been caught, the time had come to continue on toward the lawful cycle, which had been a wild encounter for the whole family. Considering this, the Diva de la Banda conceded that it had been a troublesome period for her, yet that she was resolved not to surrender since she needed to be a model for all ladies in comparative circumstances. The performer contended the accompanying during the legal interaction, as per the record announced by the power source at this moment:

“Indeed, we needed to restore things that we had previously covered, however I think it is essential for a full recuperation, my main goal is to assist others who with having gone through exactly the same thing.”

During this time, an adjudicator gave the respondent delivery in the wake of posting a $1 million bond, making Trino Marn mock Lupillo Rivera in court and his child Michael to be thumped against his dad.

The Trial Of Trino Marín

José Trinidad Marn was viewed as at real fault for somewhere in the range of six and eight serious wrongdoings, incorporating salacious demonstrations with a minor, misuse, and exasperated rape against a minor, in 2007, following a while of preliminaries. He was condemned to 31 years in jail.

He has mentioned that his sentence be brought down and that he be liberated on security for good conduct on two events, however his advice has denied, and Trino Marn stays in jail. During a Univision interview, Rosie Rivera, a casualty of her brother by marriage Trino Marn, depicted whenever she first was manhandled by him:”Chiquis and I were playing Barbies, and he came in.

He requested that he emerge and he inquired as to whether I needed to play, we should play love games and brought a blanket. He started to kiss my neck and contact where nobody had contacted me “. Chiquis Rivera, for one’s purposes, said that his dad physically attacked Image when she was between the ages of 8 and 12.”We were coming from the ocean side and when I went to the restroom to wash and get the sand out, he came in and sat me stripped between his legs.

There it occurred interestingly “. As per another source, Marin once attacked his staff in the café and in view of that activity he landed terminated from his position. Right now, the main thing that is known is that Trino Marin is still in jail, and it has been broadly revealed that his sentence has been brought down by half trying to get him out before long, however this data has not been confirmed.Jamie Marin, who was attacked between the ages of 8 and 12, said, “I simply need to let my dad know that I love him and that I pardon him.” “He may not trust it, yet I revere him.”

Marin neglected to visually engage with his little girl or other relatives during his condemning in Long Beach Superior Court, notwithstanding various endeavors to talk straightforwardly to him. When inquired as to whether he needed to say something, he shook his head and said, “No.”Marin, who carried out his killings in Long Beach, was charged in 1997 yet stayed on the run until this year. Three counts of disgusting behavior upon a kid, three counts of oral fornication of a minor, one offense of irritated rape, and one instance of persistent rape were tracked down liable by a jury on May 9.

10 Facts On Jose Trinidad

  • Jose Trinidad has a nickname known as Trino Marin.
  • Deceased singer Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband Jose Trinidad is currently 56 years of age, born in the year 1964. He is known to celebrate his birthday on the 15th of February.
  • Speaking of his wife, Jose Trinidad was married to singer Jenni Rivera. They met for the first time in high school and soon got married in 1984. However, they split in 1992.
  • Talking about his family, hardly any details on Trinidad’s Parents are known. However, he has a brother but, still, the name is not revealed.
  • Now, coming to his offspring, Jose Trinidad has three children with his ex-wife Jenni. He has two daughters and a son. His eldest daughter’s name is Chiquis Rivera and the younger one is Jacqie Campos. His son’s name is Michael Marin.
  • Jose is currently in jail convicted of rape and sexual assault.
  • Jose’s marriage to Jenni was ended by her on the grounds of emotional abuse on his part.
  • Trinidad is charged for sexually abusing Jenni’s sister Rosie and his daughter Chiquis Rivera and Jacqie Campos.
  • Trino was sentenced to 31 years of jail with no parole in 2007.
  • Jose met with his younger daughter Jacquie in the year 2017. Jacquie also posted pictures with her father and also asked others to forgive and give him a second chance in life.


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