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Dovi Bezner, often known as Poker the Jew, is a skilled artist manager who works in the entertainment industry. He started by managing the Island Boys. TikTok’s twin stars Fly Soulja and Kodiak Redd are in charge.

After some time, he had several approaches from artists because of his reputation and excellent work. In order to grow his business, he spent a few months online. His services for your project may now be easily reserved online.

Dovi Bezner: Do You Really Need Him about anything?

Beginner artists need the help of an experienced person who can manage everything around them and effectively promote their work. These persons have the managerial skills necessary. Among the various professions that managers support are those of artists, business owners, celebrities, and many more. As more and more talent is made available on TikTok globally, demand for managers is rising.

Take the instance of the Island Boys. The Island Boys became overnight fame when their fan base surpassed millions, attracting the attention of record companies and other rappers.

Volunteering and Donations to Charities

Dovi is incredibly committed to his work, but he has never neglected his duty to help people in need. Dovi has spent his whole life volunteering in the Israeli military. We respect and trust each other since he participated in this.

Let’s learn more about Dovi Bezner, the Island Boys’ manager.

Dovi Bezner: who is he?

Dovi Bezner, often known as PokerTheJew, was born into an orthodox Jewish household in upstate New York and reared in South Florida. He received his education in a private Jewish boarding school, where he picked up many of the work ethic principles that are now so important to his employment.

Personal Lives

Franky and Alex Venegas are the fraternal twins that make up The Island Boys. They were born on July 16, 2001, and are of Cuban descent. In a podcast interview, the twins admitted that after their father died while they were very young, their mother raised the twins by herself. The twins were constantly in problems with the authorities as kids for offenses like grand theft auto, narcotics possession, burglary, and robbery. Their mother kicked them out at age 18 for misbehaving. a daughter of Flyysoulja.


Mr. Bezner has always been fascinated by the lifestyle of business owners. Dovi Bezner earned a living as a skilled poker player before taking over as the Island Boys’ manager. He picked up the game from a “Lexo Poker” poker tutor. With Lexo’s help, Dovi was able to design his own timetable and effectively took on the role of his own boss.

Dovi has always preferred to maintain his independence and has never liked the idea of working for someone else. He has a strong desire to engage in the entertainment industry and sees his time with the Island Boys as a good chance.

Future Plans for Dovi Bezner

The Island Boys are Dove’s lone customer at the moment. He wants to make sure that they are the center of his attention and that he is considering their long-term best interests.

Soon, Dovi Bezner and his brothers plan to launch a clothing line. He states that they are in talks with several well-known fashion companies, including Fashion Nova.

Dovi, on the other hand, has said that he wants to be careful and avoid taking any chances with their next moves. The entertainment business is competitive, and actors risk having their careers destroyed with only one bad decision.

Although the future of the Island Boys’ career cannot be predicted, it appears bright. Thankfully, Dovi Bezner will help steer these two in the right direction for a successful career so that they may all profit from what seems to be a tremendously profitable company.from the ages of 18 to 20, for a period of two years.

Following his time in the military, Dovi turned to other charitable endeavors. He spent several years working for various organizations in Israel as a compliance officer in the area of money distribution.

The Island Boys: Do Really Change?

During the podcast, “Poker The Jew,” the group’s former manager, acknowledged that The Island Boys had erred.

“They owe me about $150,000,” he admitted.

Poker responded that it was his share of the money they got from creating Cameo films for fans when one of the hosts asked why they owed him money.

Poker also said that Cam is the only way they get paid. However at this time, they are essentially dried.

However, their alleged financial woes could soon be a thing of the past. The Island Boys were supposed to compete in a reality show about influencer boxing in which they could win $1 million back in April.

The Island Boys are under the direction of Dovi Bezner.

The rap duo is still making their presence known because they are so new to the music industry. However, it is growing quickly.

Despite no official tour being announced, Dovi Bezner has secured the brothers several performances around the nation. But the band is hard at work producing new social media material and songs as they wait for contracts with venues to be finalized.

The Island Boys and Dovi have respect and trust for one another. After all, trust is the foundation of any successful manager-client relationship.

What Sort of Money Do the Island Boys Make?

The Island Boys’ estimated $700,000 net worth is the consequence of their online popularity.

They reportedly make over $50,000 each month via brand collaborations, sales of their merchandise, and advertisements on TikTok, YouTube, Cameo, and other platforms.

-They operate the Big Bag Ent YouTube channel, which has more than 200k subscribers and more than 150 million views. For each thousand views, YouTube pays an average of $5. That is a consistent source of income for them.

-The two brothers have more than 3 million followers together on TikTok.

-A personal video request on the website and mobile app Cameo, where you can ask celebrities for customized video welcomes, costs $80, while a business booking may cost up to $300.

-They provide their fans with merchandise including trendy t-shirts, hoodies, posters, stickers, vests, etc.


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